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Sao Carlos, 08/02 http://www.singular.uni-kl.de
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Sao Carlos, 08/02 http://www.singular.uni-kl.de
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Sao Carlos, 08/02 http://www.singular.uni-kl.de
Assume we are in a Maple session and want to compute a Gröbner basis with SINGULAR of the ideal   I = < x10+x9y2, y8-x2y7 >  in characteristic 0 with the degree reverse lexicographical ordering dp.

Solution 1: Write the polynomials to the file singular_input (already in the SINGULAR language):

  writeto( singular_input );
  lprint(`ideal I = `);
  f, g ;
The resulting file looks like:
  ideal I =
  x^10+x^9*y^2, y^8-x^2*y^7
Now we can start SINGULAR , and perform the following
  ring R=0,(x,y),dp;
  < "singular_input";
  short=0;         // output in Maple format
  ideal J=std(I);
  write(":w maple_input",J);
This SINGULAR session writes the computed Gröbner basis (in Maple format) to the file maple_input:

Solution 2: Apply the procedure 2Maple which works with Maple V Release 5.

In older versions of Maple, string expression were enclosed in a pair of back quotes ` ` instead of " "; moreover, the nullary operator was denoted by " instead of %.

The directory EXAMPLES on the CD enclosed with the Springer Book "A SINGULAR Introduction to Commutative Algebra" contains two versions of the procedure -- one for Maple V Release 5 and one for Maple V Release 3 (with the old syntax).