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D.2.8 ring_lib

Manipulating Rings and Maps
Singular team


D.2.8.1 changechar  make a copy of basering [ring r] with new char c
D.2.8.2 changeord  make a copy of basering [ring r] with new ord o
D.2.8.3 changevar  make a copy of basering [ring r] with new vars v
D.2.8.4 defring  define a ring R in specified char c, n vars v, ord o
D.2.8.5 defrings  define ring Sn in n vars, char 32003 [p], ord ds
D.2.8.6 defringp  define ring Pn in n vars, char 32003 [p], ord dp
D.2.8.7 extendring  extend given ring by n vars v, ord o and name it R
D.2.8.8 fetchall  fetch all objects of ring R to basering
D.2.8.9 imapall  imap all objects of ring R to basering
D.2.8.10 mapall  map all objects of ring R via ideal i to basering
D.2.8.11 ord_test  test wether ordering of R is global, local or mixed
D.2.8.12 ringtensor  create ring, tensor product of rings s,t,...
D.2.8.13 ringweights  intvec of weights of ring variables of ring r
D.2.8.14 preimageLoc  computes preimage for non-global orderings
D.2.8.15 rootofUnity  the minimal polynomial for the n-th primitive root of unity (parameters in square brackets [] are optional)
D.2.8.16 optionIsSet  check if as a string given option is set or not. hasFieldCoefficient check if the coefficient ring is considered a field hasGFCoefficient check if the coefficient ring is GF(p,k)
D.2.8.17 hasNumericCoeffs  check for use of floating point numbers
D.2.8.18 hasCommutativeVars  non-commutive or commnuative polynomial ring
D.2.8.19 hasGlobalOrdering  global versus mixed/local monomial ordering
D.2.8.20 hasMixedOrdering  mixed versus global/local ordering
D.2.8.21 hasFieldCoefficient  coefficients are a field
D.2.8.22 hasAlgExtensionCoefficient  coefficients are an algebraic extension
D.2.8.23 isQuotientRing  ring is a qotient ring
D.2.8.24 isSubModule  check if I is in J as submodule
D.2.8.25 changeordTo  change the ordering of a ring to a simple one
D.2.8.26 addvarsTo  add variables to a ring
D.2.8.27 addNvarsTo  add N variables to a ring