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D.4.5 elim_lib

Elimination, Saturation and Blowing up


D.4.5.1 blowup0  create presentation of blownup ring of ideal j
D.4.5.2 elimRing  create ring with block ordering for elimating vars in p
D.4.5.3 elim  variables .. eliminated from id (ideal/module)
D.4.5.4 elim1  variables .. eliminated from id (different algorithm)
D.4.5.5 elim2  variables .. eliminated from id (different algorithm)
D.4.5.6 nselect  select generators not containing variables given by v
D.4.5.7 sat  saturated quotient of ideal/module id by ideal j
D.4.5.8 select  select generators containing all variables given by v
D.4.5.9 select1  select generators containing one variable given by v