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D.4.18.19 setNmzFilename

Procedure from library normaliz.lib (see normaliz_lib).

setNmzFilename(string s);

Normaliz::nmz_filename to save the given filename s

The function sets the filename for the exchange of data. Unless a path is set by setNmzDataPath, files will be created in the current directory.
If a non-empty filename is set, the files created for and by Normaliz are kept. This is mandatory for the data access functions (see writeNmzData and readNmzData).
Resetting the filename by setNmzFilename("") forces the library to return to deletion of temporary files, but the files created while the filename had been set will not be erased.

LIB "normaliz.lib";
//now the files for the exchange with Normaliz are examples/example1.SUFFIX
See also: readNmzData; rmNmzFiles; setNmzDataPath; writeNmzData.