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D.4.24 reesclos_lib

procedures to compute the int. closure of an ideal
Tobias Hirsch, email: hirsch@math.tu-cottbus.de
Janko Boehm, email: boehm@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Magdaleen Marais, email: magdaleen@aims.ac.za

A library to compute the integral closure of an ideal I in a polynomial ring R=k[x(1),...,x(n)] using the Rees Algebra R[It] of I. It computes the integral closure of R[It],
which is a graded subalgebra of R[t]. The degree-k-component is the integral closure of the k-th power of I.

In contrast to the previous version, the library uses 'normal.lib' to compute the integral closure of R[It]. This improves the performance considerably.


D.4.24.1 ReesAlgebra  computes the Rees Algebra of an ideal I
D.4.24.2 normalI  computes the integral closure of an ideal I using R[It]