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D.6.3.13 debug_log

Procedure from library classify.lib (see classify_lib).

debug_log(level,li); level=int, li=comma separated "message" list

print "messages" if level>=@DeBug.
useful for user-defined trace messages.

LIB "classify.lib";
example init_debug;
==> // proc init_debug from lib classify.lib
==>   init_debug();
==>   debug_log(1,"no trace information printed");
==>   init_debug(1);
==> Debugging level change from  0  to  1
==>   debug_log(1,"some trace information");
==> some trace information
==>   init_debug(2);
==> Debugging level change from  1  to  2
==>   debug_log(2,"nice for debugging scripts");
==> Debug:(2):  nice for debugging scripts
==>   init_debug(0);
==> Debugging switched off.
See also: init_debug.