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D.6.9.19 allsquarefree

Procedure from library hnoether.lib (see hnoether_lib).

Usage :
allsquarefree(f,g); f,g poly

g is the output of squarefree(f).

the greatest squarefree divisor of f.

Note :
This proc uses factorize to get the missing factors of f not in g and, therefore, may be slow.

LIB "hnoether.lib";
ring exring=7,(x,y),dp;
poly f=(x+y)^7*(x-y)^8;
poly g=squarefree(f);
g;                      // factor x+y lost, since characteristic=7
==> x-y
allsquarefree(f,g);     // all factors (x+y)*(x-y) found
==> x2-y2
See also: squarefree.