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D.6.10 kskernel_lib

procedures for computing the kernel of the kodaira-spencer map

Tetyana Povalyaeva, povalyae@mathematik.uni-kl.de


D.6.10.1 KSker  kernel of the Kodaira-Spencer map of a versal deformation of an irreducible plane curve singularity
D.6.10.2 KSconvert  kernel of the Kodaira-Spencer map in quasihomogeneous variables T with corresponding negative degrees
D.6.10.3 KSlinear  matrix of linear terms of the kernel of the Kodaira-Spencer map
D.6.10.4 KScoef  coefficient of the given term in the matrix of kernel of the Kodaira-Spencer map
D.6.10.5 StringF  expression in variables T(i) with non-resolved brackets for the further computation of coefficient in the matrix of kernel of the Kodaira-Spencer map