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D.6.11 mondromy_lib

Monodromy of an Isolated Hypersurface Singularity
Mathias Schulze, email: mschulze@mathematik.uni-kl.de

A library to compute the monodromy of an isolated hypersurface singularity. It uses an algorithm by Brieskorn (manuscripta math. 2 (1970), 103-161) to compute a connection matrix of the meromorphic Gauss-Manin connection up to arbitrarily high order, and an algorithm of Gerard and Levelt (Ann. Inst. Fourier, Grenoble 23,1 (1973), pp. 157-195) to transform it to a simple pole.


D.6.11.1 detadj  determinant and adjoint matrix of square matrix U
D.6.11.2 invunit  series inverse of polynomial u up to order n
D.6.11.3 jacoblift  lifts f^kappa in jacob(f) with minimal kappa
D.6.11.4 monodromyB  monodromy of isolated hypersurface singularity f
D.6.11.5 H2basis  basis of Brieskorn lattice H"
See also: gmspoly_lib; gmssing_lib.