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D.8.3 solve_lib

Complex Solving of Polynomial Systems
Moritz Wenk, email: wenk@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Wilfred Pohl, email: pohl@mathematik.uni-kl.de


D.8.3.1 laguerre_solve  find all roots of univariate polynomial p
D.8.3.2 solve  all roots of 0-dim. ideal i using triangular sets
D.8.3.3 ures_solve  find all roots of 0-dimensional ideal i with resultants
D.8.3.4 mp_res_mat  multipolynomial resultant matrix of ideal i
D.8.3.5 interpolate  interpolate polynomial from evaluation points i and results j
D.8.3.6 fglm_solve  find roots of 0-dim. ideal using FGLM and lex_solve
D.8.3.7 lex_solve  find roots of reduced lexicographic standard basis
D.8.3.8 simplexOut  prints solution of simplex in nice format
D.8.3.9 triangLf_solve  find roots using triangular sys. (factorizing Lazard)
D.8.3.10 triangM_solve  find roots of given triangular system (Moeller)
D.8.3.11 triangL_solve  find roots using triangular system (Lazard)
D.8.3.12 triang_solve  find roots of given triangular system