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D.9.4 surfex_lib

Procedures for visualizing and rotating surfaces.
It is still an alpha version (see http://www.AlgebraicSurface.net)
Oliver Labs
This library uses the program surf
(written by Stefan Endrass and others)
and surfex (written by Oliver Labs and others, mainly Stephan Holzer).

This library requires the program surfex, surf and java to be installed. The software is used for producing raytraced images of surfaces. You can download surfex from http://www.surfex.AlgebraicSurface.net

surfex is a front-end for surf which aims to be easier to use than the original tool.


D.9.4.1 plotRotated  Plot the surface given by the polynomial p with the coordinates coords(list)
D.9.4.2 plotRot  Similar to plotRotated, but guesses automatically which coordinates should be used
D.9.4.3 plotRotatedList  Plot the varieties given by the list varieties with the coordinates coords
D.9.4.4 plotRotatedDirect  Plot the varieties given by the list varietiesList
D.9.4.5 plotRotatedListFromSpecifyList  Plot the varieties given by the list varietiesList
See also: surf_lib.