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D.13.3.24 texDrawTriangulation

Procedure from library tropical.lib (see tropical_lib).

texDrawTriangulation(triang,polygon); triang,polygon list

polygon is a list of integer vectors describing the
lattice points of a marked polygon;
triang is a list of integer vectors describing a
triangulation of the marked polygon
in the sense that an integer vector of the form (i,j,k) describes the triangle formed by polygon[i], polygon[j] and polygon[k]

string, a texdraw code for the triangulation described by triang without the texdraw environment

LIB "tropical.lib";
// the lattice polygon spanned by the points (0,0), (3,0) and (0,3)
// with all integer points as markings
list polygon=intvec(1,1),intvec(3,0),intvec(2,0),intvec(1,0),intvec(0,0),
// define a triangulation by connecting the only interior point
//        with the vertices
list triang=intvec(1,2,5),intvec(1,5,10),intvec(1,2,10);
// produce the texdraw output of the triangulation triang