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D.15.16 numerDecom_lib


  • does not follow the naming convention
  • syntax errors in examples
  • no test suite

Numerical Decomposition of Ideals
The library contains procedures to compute
numerical irreducible decomposition, and
numerical primary decomposition of an algebraic variety defined by a polynomial system. The use of the library requires to install Bertini (http://www.nd.edu/~sommese/bertini).

Shawki AlRashed, rashed@mathematik.uni-kl.de; sh.shawki@yahoo.de


D.15.16.1 re2squ  reduction to square system
D.15.16.2 UseBertini  use Bertini to compute the solutions of the homotopy function
D.15.16.3 Singular2bertini  adopt the list to be a read file in Bertini as a start solution set
D.15.16.4 bertini2Singular  adopt the file of solutions of the homotopy function to be a list in SINGULAR
D.15.16.5 ReJunkUseHomo  remove junk points using the homotopy function
D.15.16.6 JuReTopDim  remove junk points that are on top-dimensional component
D.15.16.7 JuReZeroDim  remove junk points from 0-dimensional component
D.15.16.8 WitSupSet  witness point super set
D.15.16.9 WitSet  witness point set
D.15.16.10 NumIrrDecom  numerical irreducible decomposition
D.15.16.11 defl  deflation of ideal I
D.15.16.12 NumPrimDecom  numerical primary decomposition