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D.15.16.5 ReJunkUseHomo

Procedure from library numerDecom.lib (see numerDecom_lib).

ReJunkUseHomo(ideal I, ideal L, list W, list w);
I ideal, L list of generic linear polynomials {l_1,...,l_i}, W list of a subset of the solution set of the generic slicing V(L) with V(J), w list of a point in V(J)

t=1 if w on an i-dimensional component of V(I),
otherwise t=0. Where i=size(L)

LIB "numerDecom.lib";
ring r=(complex,16,I),(x,y,z),dp;
poly f1=(x2+y2+z2-6)*(x-y)*(x-1);
poly f2=(x2+y2+z2-6)*(x-z)*(y-2);
poly f3=(x2+y2+z2-6)*(x-y)*(x-z)*(z-3);
ideal J=f1,f2,f3;
poly l1=15x+16y+6z+17;
poly l2=2x+14y+4z+18;
ideal L=l1,l2;
list W1=list(0.5372775295412116,-0.7105339291010922,-2.2817700129167831+I*0),list(0.09201175741935605,-1.7791717821935455,1.6810953589677311);
list w=list(2,2,-131666666/10000000);
def D=ReJunkUseHomo(J,L,W1,w);
setring D;