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D.16.1 gfanlib_so

Access to polymake on singular interpreter level.
Anders Nedergaard Jensen, email: jensen@imf.au.dk
Yue Ren, email: ren@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Frank Seelisch, email: seelisch@hs-esslingen.de

This binary library is an interface to the C++ library gfanlib by Anders Jensen, which is distributed together with Singular.

It contains a basic implementation of convex geometry, featuring polyhedral cones, polyhedral fans and polytopes as well as elemental functions on them. For a full list of functions available on the objects, please check the respective documentation on the type.

Moreover, it contains features for computing the Groebner fan, the Groebner complex and the tropical varieties. These functions are listed below.

See groebnerComplex; groebnerCone; groebnerFan; homogeneitySpace; initial; lowerHomogeneitySpace; maximalGroebnerCone; tropicalVariety.