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Index Entry Section

J-marked schemesD.5.8 JMBTest_lib
J-marked schemes, Borel idealsD.5.9 JMSConst_lib
jacob5.1.61 jacob
JacobiD.12.3.6 Jacobi
jacobliftD.6.11.3 jacoblift
jacobsonD.11.3.2 jacobson
Jacobson formD.11.3 jacobson_lib
Jacobson normal formD.11.3 jacobson_lib
jacobson.libD.11.3 jacobson_lib
jacobson_libD.11.3 jacobson_lib
janet5.1.62 janet
jet5.1.63 jet
jInvariantD.13.3.10 jInvariant
JMarkedSchemeD.5.9.2 JMarkedScheme
JMBTest.libD.5.8 JMBTest_lib
JMBTest_libD.5.8 JMBTest_lib
JMSConst.libD.5.9 JMSConst_lib
JMSConst_libD.5.9 JMSConst_lib
jOftD.12.2.9 jOft
jordanD.3.2.22 jordan
jordanbasisD.3.2.23 jordanbasis
jordanmatrixD.3.2.24 jordanmatrix
jordannfD.3.2.25 jordannf
jungfibD.5.4.3 jungfib
jungnormalD.5.4.2 jungnormal
jungresolveD.5.4.1 jungresolve
JuReTopDimD.15.16.6 JuReTopDim
JuReZeroDimD.15.16.7 JuReZeroDim

katsuraD.2.6.3 katsura
kbase5.1.64 kbase
kbase (plural)7.3.10 kbase (plural)
keepring5.2.11 keepring
kernel5.1.65 kernel
Kernel of module homomorphismsA.3.11 Kernel of module homomorphisms
kernelLatticeD.15.14.18 kernelLattice
kill5.1.66 kill
killallD.2.3.9 killall
killattrib5.1.67 killattrib
killTaskD.15.20.2 killTask
kmemoryD.2.3.8 kmemory
kohomD.4.7.16 kohom
kontrahomD.4.7.17 kontrahom
koszul5.1.68 koszul
KoszulHomologyD.4.7.18 KoszulHomology
KScoefD.6.10.4 KScoef
KSconvertD.6.10.2 KSconvert
KSkerD.6.10.1 KSker
kskernel.libD.6.10 kskernel_lib
kskernel_libD.6.10 kskernel_lib
KSlinearD.6.10.3 KSlinear
KSpencerKernelD.6.14.9 KSpencerKernel

l-adic numbersp-adic numbers
laguerre5.1.69 laguerre
laguerre_solveD.8.3.1 laguerre_solve
lastvarGeneralD.12.6.3 lastvarGeneral
latex.libD.9.2 latex_lib
latex_libD.9.2 latex_lib
latticeD.15.2.38 arrLattice
latticeAreaD.13.1.14 latticeArea
latticeBasisD.15.14.19 latticeBasis
latticeCodegreeD.16.2.23 latticeCodegree
latticeDegreeD.16.2.24 latticeDegree
latticePointsD.16.2.25 latticePoints
latticeVolumeD.16.2.26 latticeVolume
Laurent seriesD.15.7.4 computeConstant
laxfrTD.15.8.4 laxfrT
laxfrXD.15.8.5 laxfrX
lazy, option5.1.105 option
lcmD.2.6.6 lcm
lcmMonD.4.13.4 lcmMon
lcmND.12.3.3 lcmN
lcmofallD.5.2.19 lcmofall
lead5.1.70 lead
leadcoef5.1.71 leadcoef
leadexp5.1.72 leadexp
leadmonom5.1.73 leadmonom
leadmonomialD.12.5.4 leadmonomial
Left and two-sided Groebner basesA.6.1 Left and two-sided Groebner bases
left annihilator ideal7.7.4 dmod_lib
Left ideal membershipLeft ideal membership
Left normal formLeft Normal Form
leftInverseD.11.2.7 leftInverse
leftKernelD.11.2.5 leftKernel
length, option5.1.105 option
LengthSym7.7.17.0. LengthSym
LengthSymElement7.7.17.0. LengthSymElement
letplaceGBasis7.7.8.0. letplaceGBasis
Letterplace7.6 LETTERPLACE
letterplace correspondence7.6.3 Letterplace correspondence
lex_solveD.8.3.7 lex_solve
Lexicographic Groebner bases, computation ofA.2.2 Groebner basis conversion
lexicographical orderingB.2.3 Global orderings
LIB5.1.74 LIB
LIB commands3.8.5 LIB commands
lib2doc3.8.9 Documentation Tool
libcdd1. Preface
libfac1. Preface
libparse3.9.6 libparse
Libraries3.8 Libraries
LibrariesA.1.2 Writing procedures and libraries
Libraries in the SINGULAR Documentation3.8.1 Libraries in the SINGULAR Documentation
libraryD.14.2 polybori_lib
libraryD.15.9 gitfan_lib
Library versioningLibrary versioning
library, info string3.8.7 template_lib
library, polybori.libD.14.2 polybori_lib
library, template3.8.7 template_lib
library, template.lib3.8.7 template_lib
LIBsD. SINGULAR libraries
Lie algebraD.15.12.1 tangentGens
Lie groupD.15.12.4 parametrizeOrbit
Lie groupD.15.12.5 maxZeros
lieBracket7.7.8.0. lieBracket
lift5.1.75 lift
lift7.7.1 bimodules_lib
lift (plural)7.3.11 lift (plural)
lift_kbaseD.6.5.3 lift_kbase
lift_rel_kbD.6.5.4 lift_rel_kb
liftenvelope7.7.1.0. liftenvelope
liftstd5.1.76 liftstd
liftstd (plural)7.3.12 liftstd (plural)
Limitations6.1 Limitations
linalg.libD.3.2 linalg_lib
linalg_libD.3.2 linalg_lib
linealityDimension4.22.3.23 linealityDimension
linealitySpace4.22.3.24 linealitySpace
Linear algebraD.3 Linear algebra
linear algebra5.1.3 bareiss
linear algebra5.1.79 ludecomp
linear algebra5.1.80 luinverse
linear algebra5.1.81 lusolve
Linear codeD.10.2 decodegb_lib
linear code, dualD.10.1.11 dual_code
linear code, systematicD.10.1.12 sys_code
linear interreduction7.7.2 bfun_lib
linear_relationsD.3.1.25 linear_relations
LinearActionQD.7.3.8 LinearActionQ
LinearCombinationQD.7.3.9 LinearCombinationQ
linearCombinations7.7.3.0. linearCombinations
LinearizeActionD.7.3.7 LinearizeAction
linearlyEquivalentD.15.6.9 linearlyEquivalent
linearMapKernel7.7.3.0. linearMapKernel
linearpartD.8.2.8 linearpart
link4.8 link
linkA.1.8 Parallelization with ssi links
link declarations4.8.1 link declarations
link expressions4.8.2 link expressions
link related functions4.8.3 link related functions
linReduce7.7.2.0. linReduce
linReduceIdeal7.7.2.0. linReduceIdeal
linSyzSolve7.7.2.0. linSyzSolve
list4.9 list
list declarations4.9.1 list declarations
list expressions4.9.2 list expressions
list operations4.9.3 list operations
list related functions4.9.4 list related functions
listvar5.1.77 listvar
lllD.15.14.51 lll
LLL5.1.147 system
load5.2.12 load
Loading a library3.8.11 Loading a library
loadLib, option5.1.105 option
loadProc, option5.1.105 option
local methodsD.4.10 locnormal_lib
local methodsD.4.10.1 locNormal
local names3.7.4 Names in procedures
Local orderingsB.2.4 Local orderings
local rings, computing inA.1.3 Rings associated to monomial orderings
local weighted lexicographical orderingB.2.4 Local orderings
local weighted reverse lexicographical orderingB.2.4 Local orderings
localInvarD.7.2.6 localInvar
localizationA.1.3 Rings associated to monomial orderings
localizationD.15.2.18 arrLocalize
localization of D-module7.7.5 dmodapp_lib
localization of D-module7.7.21 dmodloc_lib
localstdD.12.5.14 localstd
locAtZeroD.4.17.10 locAtZero
locNormalD.4.10.1 locNormal
locnormal.libD.4.10 locnormal_lib
locnormal_libD.4.10 locnormal_lib
locstdD.6.13.9 locstd
locusD.2.4.10 locus
locusdgD.2.4.11 locusdg
locustoD.2.4.14 locusto
Log for matricesD.15.12.3 matrixLog
log2D.12.1.2 log2
logarithmic annihilator ideal7.7.4 dmod_lib
Long coefficientsA.1.4 Long coefficients
LOT algorithm7.7.4 dmod_lib
lowerHomogeneitySpaceD.16.1.6 lowerHomogeneitySpace
lp, global orderingB.2.3 Global orderings
lp2iv7.7.7.0. lp2iv
lp2ivId7.7.7.0. lp2ivId
lp2lstr7.7.8.0. lp2lstr
lpDHilbert7.7.7.0. lpDHilbert
lpDHilbertSickle7.7.7.0. lpDHilbertSickle
lpDimCheck7.7.7.0. lpDimCheck
lpHilbert7.7.7.0. lpHilbert
lpId2ivLi7.7.7.0. lpId2ivLi
lpKDim7.7.7.0. lpKDim
lpMis2Base7.7.7.0. lpMis2Base
lpMis2Dim7.7.7.0. lpMis2Dim
lpMult7.7.8.0. lpMult
lpNF7.7.8.0. lpNF
lpOrdMisLex7.7.7.0. lpOrdMisLex
lpPower7.7.8.0. lpPower
lprintD.2.5.2 lprint
lpSickle7.7.7.0. lpSickle
lpSickleDim7.7.7.0. lpSickleDim
lpSickleHil7.7.7.0. lpSickleHil
lres5.1.78 lres
ls, local orderingB.2.4 Local orderings
lst2str7.7.8.0. lst2str
lsumD.15.7.10 lsum
LU-decomposition of a matrix of numbers5.1.79 ludecomp
ludecomp5.1.79 ludecomp
luinverse5.1.80 luinverse
lusolve5.1.81 lusolve

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