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Index Entry Section

qbaseD.12.7.15 qbase
qepcadD.15.8.22 qepcad
qepcadsystemD.15.8.23 qepcadsystem
qhmatrixD.6.14.6 qhmatrix
qhmoduli.libD.6.12 qhmoduli_lib
qhmoduli_libD.6.12 qhmoduli_lib
qhspectrumD.6.13.13 qhspectrum
qhweight5.1.117 qhweight
qmatrix.lib7.7.17 qmatrix_lib
qmatrix_lib7.7.17 qmatrix_lib
qminor7.7.17.0. qminor
qrds5.1.118 qrds
qring4.18.1 qring
qring6.4 Miscellaneous oddities
qring (plural)7.2.5 qring (plural)
qring declaration4.18.5 qring declaration
qring declaration (plural) qring declaration (plural)
qring related functions (plural) qring related functions (plural)
qring ring ideal 'factor ring'D.2.8.23 isQuotientRing
qringNF, option5.1.105 option
qslimgbD.1.1 qslimgb
Qso3Casimir7.7.11.0. Qso3Casimir
quadraticSieveD.12.3.21 quadraticSieve
quantMat7.7.17.0. quantMat
quickclassD.6.3.9 quickclass
quit5.2.13 quit
quote5.1.119 quote
quotient5.1.120 quotient
QuotientD.8.6.1 Quotient
quotient (plural)7.3.22 quotient (plural)
QuotientEquationsD.6.12.3 QuotientEquations
quotientLatticeBasis4.22.3.26 quotientLatticeBasis
quotientMainD.8.6.9 quotientMain
quotientMonD.4.13.7 quotientMon
quotientsD.15.9 gitfan_lib

rad_conD.2.6.13 rad_con
radicalD.4.20.12 radical
radicalEHVD.4.20.13 radicalEHV
radicalMemberShipD.13.3.25 radicalMemberShip
radicalMonD.4.13.8 radicalMon
radicalZD.4.21.4 radicalZ
randcharpolyD.12.7.9 randcharpoly
randlinpolyD.12.7.11 randlinpoly
random5.1.121 random
random5.1.147 system
randomD.15.2.26 arrRandom
randomD.15.2.27 arrRandomCentral
random number generator, seed5.1.147 system
random.libD.2.7 random_lib
random_libD.2.7 random_lib
randomBinomialD.2.7.12 randomBinomial
randomCheckD.10.2.10 randomCheck
randomidD.2.7.2 randomid
randomLastD.2.7.11 randomLast
randommatD.2.7.3 randommat
randomPoint4.22.3.27 randomPoint
randomPolyInTD.13.3.34 randomPolyInT
rank5.1.2 attrib
rank5.1.122 rank
ratgb.lib7.7.20 ratgb_lib
ratgb_lib7.7.20 ratgb_lib
Rational curvesD.5.1 paraplanecurves_lib
rational curves, rational parametrization of rational curves.D.5.1.3 paraPlaneCurve
rational normal curve, projection.D.5.1.4 rncAntiCanonicalMap
rational normal curve, projection.D.5.1.7 rncItProjOdd
rational normal curve, projection.D.5.1.8 rncItProjEven
rational solutions7.7.21 dmodloc_lib
rational univariate projectionD.12.7.9 randcharpoly
rationalPointConicD.5.1.5 rationalPointConic
ratSol7.7.21.0. ratSol
ratstd7.7.20.0. ratstd
rays4.22.3.28 rays
re2squD.15.16.1 re2squ
read5.1.123 read
reading, option5.1.105 option
readline1. Preface
readNmzDataD.4.18.18 readNmzData
real3.3 Rings and orderings
real roots, univariate polynomialD.12.8 rootsur_lib
real roots, univariate projectionD.12.7 rootsmr_lib
real roots,sign conditionsD.8.7 signcond_lib
realclassifyD.15.18.1 realclassify
realclassify.libD.15.18 realclassify_lib
realclassify_libD.15.18 realclassify_lib
realizationDimD.13.2.1 realizationDim
realizationDimPolyD.13.2.3 realizationDimPoly
realizationMatroids.libD.13.2 realizationMatroids_lib
realizationMatroids_libD.13.2 realizationMatroids_lib
realmorsesplitD.15.18.2 realmorsesplit
realpolyD.4.23.1 realpoly
realradD.4.23.3 realrad
realrad.libD.4.23 realrad_lib
realrad_libD.4.23 realrad_lib
realzeroD.4.23.2 realzero
recursive_boolean_polyD.14.2.6 recursive_boolean_poly
recursive_from_boolean_polyD.14.2.12 recursive_from_boolean_poly
redefine, option5.1.105 option
redSB, option5.1.105 option
redTail, option5.1.105 option
redThrough, option5.1.105 option
reduce5.1.124 reduce
reduce7.7.3 central_lib
reduce (plural)7.3.23 reduce (plural)
reduced standard basis5.1.105 option
reductionD.7.2.4 reduction
ReesAlgebraD.4.24.1 ReesAlgebra
reesclos.libD.4.24 reesclos_lib
reesclos_libD.4.24 reesclos_lib
reference4.26 reference and shared (experimental)
reference declarations4.26.1 reference declarations
reference expressions4.26.2 reference expressions
reference operations4.26.5 reference and shared operations
reference related functions4.26.6 reference and shared related functions
ReferencesC.9 References
References (plural)7.4.4 References (plural)
regCMD.4.16.7 regCM
regIdealD.4.15.1 regIdeal
regMonCurveD.4.15.4 regMonCurve
regularity5.1.125 regularity
regularityBetti numbers and regularity
reiffen7.7.4.0. reiffen
ReJunkUseHomoD.15.16.5 ReJunkUseHomo
rel_orbit_varietyD.7.1.34 rel_orbit_variety
relations7.7.16 perron_lib
relative_orbit_varietyD.7.1.35 relative_orbit_variety
relativeInteriorPoint4.22.3.29 relativeInteriorPoint
Release NotesE. Release Notes
relweightD.6.14.7 relweight
remainderD.8.6.2 remainder
remainderMainD.8.6.10 remainderMain
removeCone4.23.1.13 removeCone
removepowerD.6.2.2 removepower
repart5.1.126 repart
replaceD.11.4.8 replace
representation, math objectsB.1 Representation of mathematical objects
res5.1.127 res
resbinomial.libD.5.2 resbinomial_lib
resbinomial_libD.5.2 resbinomial_lib
reservedName5.1.128 reservedName
resfunctionD.5.2.14 resfunction
resgraph.libD.5.3 resgraph_lib
resgraph_libD.5.3 resgraph_lib
resjung.libD.5.4 resjung_lib
resjung_libD.5.4 resjung_lib
reslistD.5.2.28 reslist
Resolution2.3.6 Resolution
resolution4.17 resolution
resolution7.7.18 purityfiltration_lib
resolution (plural)7.2.6 resolution (plural)
resolution declarations4.17.1 resolution declarations
resolution declarations (plural) resolution declarations (plural)
resolution expressions4.17.2 resolution expressions
resolution expressions (plural) resolution expressions (plural)
resolution graphD.6.1 alexpoly_lib
Resolution of singularitiesA.4.9 Resolution of singularities
resolution related functions4.17.3 resolution related functions
resolution related functions (plural) resolution related functions (plural)
resolution, computation of5.1.127 res
Resolution, freeA.3.4 Free resolution
resolution, hilbert-driven5.1.53 hres
resolution, La Scala's method5.1.78 lres
resolutiongraphD.6.1.1 resolutiongraph
resolveD.5.5.4 resolve
resolve.libD.5.5 resolve_lib
resolve_libD.5.5 resolve_lib
resources.libD.15.19 resources_lib
resources_libD.15.19 resources_lib
ResTreeD.5.3.2 ResTree
restrictionD.15.2.19 arrRestrict
restrictionD.15.2.35 multarrRestrict
restrictionD.15.2.36 multarrMultRestrict
restriction of7.7.5 dmodapp_lib
restrictionIdeal7.7.5.0. restrictionIdeal
restrictionModule7.7.5.0. restrictionModule
resultant5.1.92 mpresmat
resultant5.1.129 resultant
reszeta.libD.5.6 reszeta_lib
reszeta_libD.5.6 reszeta_lib
return5.2.14 return
return type of procedures6.3.7 Return type of procedures
returnSB, option5.1.105 option
reverseD.12.8.14 reverse
reverse lexicographical orderingB.2.3 Global orderings
reynolds_molienD.7.1.10 reynolds_molien
ReynoldsImageD.7.3.12 ReynoldsImage
ReynoldsOperatorD.7.3.13 ReynoldsOperator
rhoD.12.3.15 rho
RiemannRochBND.15.3.1 RiemannRochBN
RiemannRochHessD.15.11.1 RiemannRochHess
Right Groebner bases and syzygiesA.6.2 Right Groebner bases and syzygies
rightInverseD.11.2.8 rightInverse
rightKernelD.11.2.6 rightKernel
rightModulo7.7.15.0. rightModulo
rightNF7.7.15.0. rightNF
rightNFWeyl7.7.21.0. rightNFWeyl
rightStd7.7.15.0. rightStd
ring4.18 ring
ring (plural)7.2.7 ring (plural)
ring coefficientsD.2.8.21 hasFieldCoefficient
ring coefficientsD.2.8.22 hasAlgExtensionCoefficient
ring declarations4.18.2 ring declarations
ring declarations (plural) ring declarations (plural)
ring operations4.18.4 ring operations
ring operations (plural) ring operations (plural)
ring related functions4.18.3 ring related functions
ring related functions (plural) ring related functions (plural)
ring, opposite5.1.147 system
ring, ringsD.2.4.3 setglobalrings
Ring-dependent optionsRing-dependent options
ring.libD.2.8 ring_lib
ring_libD.2.8 ring_lib
ring_variableD.15.2.6 varMat
ring_variableD.15.2.7 varNum
ring_variableD.15.2.8 arrSwapVar
ring_variableD.15.2.9 arrLastVar
ringlist5.1.130 ringlist
ringlist (plural)7.3.24 ringlist (plural)
Rings and orderings3.3 Rings and orderings
Rings and standard bases2.3.2 Rings and standard bases
ringtensorD.2.8.12 ringtensor
ringweightsD.2.8.13 ringweights
rinvar.libD.7.3 rinvar_lib
rinvar_libD.7.3 rinvar_lib
rm_unitcolD.3.1.27 rm_unitcol
rm_unitrowD.3.1.26 rm_unitrow
rMacaulayD.2.5.4 rMacaulay
rmNmzFilesD.4.18.23 rmNmzFiles
rmxD.9.2.12 rmx
rncAntiCanonicalMapD.5.1.4 rncAntiCanonicalMap
rncItProjEvenD.5.1.8 rncItProjEven
rncItProjOddD.5.1.7 rncItProjOdd
root of Bernstein-Sato polynomial7.7.4 dmod_lib
rootofUnityD.2.8.15 rootofUnity
rootsD.8.6.3 roots
rootsMainD.8.6.11 rootsMain
rootsModpD.12.2.12 rootsModp
rootsmr.libD.12.7 rootsmr_lib
rootsmr_libD.12.7 rootsmr_lib
rootsur.libD.12.8 rootsur_lib
rootsur_libD.12.8 rootsur_lib
roundD.12.2.10 round
rowredD.3.1.23 rowred
rp, global orderingB.2.3 Global orderings
rtimer5.3.10 rtimer
Running SINGULAR under Emacs3.2.2 Running SINGULAR under Emacs
rvalue6.3.1 No rvalue of increments and assignments
rvar5.1.131 rvar

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