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7.7.13 ncfactor_lib

Tools for factorization in some noncommutative algebras
Albert Heinle, aheinle@uwaterloo.ca
Viktor Levandovskyy, levandov@math.rwth-aachen.de

In this library, new methods for factorization on polynomials are implemented for three types of algebras, all generated by 2*n, n in NN, generators (n'th Weyl, n'th shift and graded polynomials in n'th q-Weyl algebras) over a field K.
More detailled description of the algorithms and related publications can be found at @url{https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~aheinle/}.

Procedures: facWeyl  Factorization in the n'th Weyl algebra facFirstWeyl  Factorization in the first Weyl algebra testNCfac  Tests factorizations from a given list for correctness facSubWeyl  Factorization in the first Weyl algebra as a subalgebra facShift  Factorization in the n'th shift algebra facFirstShift  Factorization in the first shift algebra homogfacNthQWeyl  Homogeneous factorization in the n'th Q-Weyl algebra homogfacFirstQWeyl  Homogeneous factorization in the first Q-Weyl algebra homogfacNthQWeyl_all  Homogeneous factorization (complete) in the n'th Q-Weyl algebra homogfacFirstQWeyl_all  Homogeneous factorization (complete) in the first Q-Weyl algebra tst_ncfactor  Runs the examples of all contained not static functions. Test thing.