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D.2.5 inout_lib

Printing and Manipulating In- and Output


D.2.5.1 allprint  print list if ALLprint is defined, with pause if >0
D.2.5.2 lprint  display poly/... fitting to pagewidth [size n]
D.2.5.3 pmat  print form-matrix [first n chars of each colum]
D.2.5.4 rMacaulay  read Macaulay_1 output and return its @sc{Singular} format
D.2.5.5 show  display any object in a compact format
D.2.5.6 showrecursive  display id recursively with respect to variables in p
D.2.5.7 split  split given string into lines of length n
D.2.5.8 tab  string of n space tabs
D.2.5.9 pause  stop the computation until user input