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D.2.5.9 pause

Procedure from library inout.lib (see inout_lib).

pause([ prompt ]) prompt string


interrupt the execution of commands, displays prompt or pause and waits for user input

pause is useful in procedures in connection with printlevel to interrupt the computation and to display intermediate results.

LIB "inout.lib";
// can only be shown interactively, try the following commands:
// pause("press  to continue");
// pause();
// In the following pocedure TTT, xxx is printed and the execution of
// TTT is stopped until the return-key is pressed, if printlevel>0.
// xxx may be any result of a previous computation or a comment, etc:
// proc TTT
// { int pp = printlevel-voice+2;  //pp=0 if printlevel=0 and if TTT is
//    ....                         //not called from another procedure
//    if( pp>0 )
//    {
//       print( xxx );
//       pause("press  to continue");
//    }
//     ....
// }
See also: printlevel; read.