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D.2.6.11 mindeg1

Procedure from library poly.lib (see poly_lib).

mindeg1(id[,v]); id=poly/ideal/vector/module/matrix, v=intvec

integer, minimal [weighted] degree of monomials of id independent of ring ordering, mindeg1 of i-th variable is v[i] (default v=1..1).

This proc returns one integer while mindeg returns, in general, a matrix of integers. For one polynomial and if no intvec v is given mindeg is faster.

LIB "poly.lib";
ring r = 0,(x,y,z),ls;
poly f = x5+y2+z3;
ord(f);                  // ord returns weighted order of leading term!
==> 3
intvec v = 1,-3,2;
mindeg1(f,v);            // computes minimal weighted degree
==> -6
matrix m[2][2]=x10,1,0,f^2;
mindeg1(m,1..3);         // computes absolute minimum of weighted degrees
==> -1