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4.20.2 string expressions

A string expression is:

  1. a sequence of characters between two unescaped quotes (")
  2. an identifier of type string
  3. a function returning string
  4. a substring (using the bracket operator)
  5. a type cast to string (see string type cast)
  6. string expressions combined by the operation +.


// string_expression[start, length] : a substring
// (possibly filled up with blanks)
// the substring of s starting at position 2
// with a length of 4
string s="123456";
==> 2345
==> bc
// string_expression[position] : a character from a string
==> 3
// string_expression[position..position] :
// a substring starting at the first position up to the second
// given position
==> 2 3 4
// a function returning a string
==> string

See Type conversion and casting