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February 2010: Release of SINGULAR version 3-1-1. More

Jenks Prize

July 2004: The Richard D. Jenks Prize for Excellence in Software Engineering for Computer Algebra was awarded to the Singular team. More

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Installing Singular 3-1-1 on a Microsoft Windows platform

There are several ways to install Singular 3-1-1 on a Windows platform, all being powered by the Cygwin setup routine. Below, we offer two possibilities which both work regardless of whether you have or do not have an earlier Singular installation on your computer. In the former case, only newer Cygwin packages will be incorporated into your existing Singular installation.

  1. Net Install

    Recommended for: Users with broadband internet access or with a slow connection to the domain
    Required: Internet access during setup process

    Since version 3.0.0, Singular has been in the official Cygwin repository. Therefore you may use the standard Cygwin installer to obtain an up-to-date Cygwin installation including Singular. Proceeding this way, you will always get the latest Cygwin components. Furthermore, you can choose one of the numerous Cygwin mirrors, possibly located near your site as to achieve better download speed.

    1. Step by step install instructions
    2. For experts: Just choose all singular-* packages from the Cygwin maths category.
  2. PackageForTheWeb

    Recommended for: Users with little experience
    Required: Internet access for download

    This is the easiest way to install Singular. All you have to do is download one of the below files and execute it. You will then be guided through the setup process. (Default settings reflect recommendations by the Singular team.)

    1. Singular Full: ~115 MB including (x)emacs, Surf and the X-Server (recommended)
    2. Singular Small: ~27 MB, only basic Cygwin and Singular, without X (only for users with low bandwith)
    3. Step by step install instructions
Should you intend to install Singular on more than one Windows machine, we recommend to burn a CD:
  1. Download: Download the appropriate PackageForTheWeb install file, see 2.A. respectively 2.B. (For this, you will need access to the internet.)
  2. Burn a CD: Burn the downloaded file onto a CD.
  3. Multiple install: Use the CD to install Singular, as explaned in 2.C., on as many Windows computers as you like. (This step does not require an internet connection.)
  4. All versions of Singular and all setup routines are powered by Cygwin and their setup program. We wish to thank the developers of setup.exe and the maintainers of the Cygwin packages.