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 Post subject: singularlink//run minAssGTZ in the field of characteristic 3
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:36 pm 
I am a math teacher in China. In my research: integrability problem of ODE, I often try to solve complicated polynomial equations in the field characteristic 32003.

As I am Maple User. and not familiar with Singular, so

I want to write a Maple procedure named singularlink to generate the following codes(for example) .And I have installed Singluar software(3-1-6)

in "c:/cygwin"

LIB "primdec.lib";
ring R = 32003,(a4,a1,a5,a3,a2,a6,a7),dp;
ideal I =
+ -42*a7^2*a3*a5
+ -63*a7^2*a3*a1
+ 4*a7*a3*a2^2
+ -34*a3*a7*a6^2
+ -4385682*a5*a1*a3^2*a7*a2
+ 9881928*a5*a1*a3^2*a7*a6
+ 1326724*a5*a3^2*a6^3
+ -118160*a5*a2^3*a3^2
+ 921984*a1*a3^2*a6^3
+ 89565*a1*a2^3*a3^2
+ -24501960*a6*a3*a7^4
+ -15174810*a2*a3*a7^4
+ 2476656*a4*a3^2*a7^2*a1
+ 253863*a4*a2^2*a3^2*a7
+ 4346160*a2*a3^2*a7*a5^2
+ 5303004*a3^2*a5^2*a7*a6
+ 1465128*a5*a3^2*a7^2*a4
+ -156681*a5*a2^2*a3^2*a6
+ 2686992*a5*a2*a3^2*a6^2
+ 331128*a1^2*a3^2*a7*a2
+ -5629176*a1^2*a3^2*a7*a6
+ -337176*a1*a2^2*a3^2*a6
+ -1360548*a1*a2*a3^2*a6^2
+ 1165572*a3^2*a4*a7*a6^2
list pr=minAssGTZ(I);


and save it in "c:/in/in.txt"; then execute it in Singular, and retrieve the singular's output which saved in "c:/out/out.txt" with the form [[poly1,poly2,....],[poly1,poly2,...],[poly1,poly2,....]] .

That is, I want to type singularlink command in Maple

pr:=singularlink(I,32003,[a4,a1,a5,a3,a2,a6,a7]); # where I is a polynomial list.



pr= [[poly1,poly2,....],[poly1,poly2,...],[poly1,poly2,....]] in maple.

Best Wishes!

Bo Sang

Liaocheng University,P.R.China

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