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Author:  bughunter [ Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  howto discover bugs


during last months using random input 21 bugs were discovered in 'libfactory'. 20 of them were fixed( by Martin Lee and Hans Schoenemann).
Statistic data from other software projects/studies suggests that there are more undiscovered bugs,
but how to detect them?

The random testing method from above has its issues:
- meanwhile a lot of examples are required to discover the next bug
- the input examples may be not random enough or do not cover interesting use cases.

It is known and I can confirm from own experience that applying different test methods
will not detect the same set of defects, so testing methods may used complementary.

following additional methods could be applied (to factory)
- code review (AFAIK was not done for 'libfactory') The expected cost is about an hour for 100-200 loc for a reviewer who is familiar with 'libfactory'
- writing tests for every routine (not only for the interfaces) using a framework like googletest
- others?


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