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Sage Days 23.5 - July 2010 - Kaiserslautern

Sage Days 23.5 will take place at the Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern from July 14 to July 16, 2010.

Meanwhile, the registration for participation has been closed. Please find the complete list of participants below.

Here's the schedule for Wednesday, 14 July:

10.00 Opening
10.10-10.40 Status Quo & Roadmap of SAGE William Stein
10.40-11.30 The Sage Development Process Robert Miller
11.30-12.10 Computational Group Cohomology using SINGULAR
Simon King


(schedule for Thursday & Friday, further talks)


Additional talks are in preparation which may either serve as general information for everybody about what's going on in Sage and SINGULAR, or for starting up concrete working/coding groups:

Connecting SAGE-SINGULAR-GAP for Symbolically Solving Partial Differential Equations

Mohamed Barakat + Michael Brickenstein
The Ideas Behind the HomAlg Project Mohamed Barakat + Markus Lange-Hegermann
Improving Error Handling of SINGULAR Errors in SAGE Hans Schoenemann + Martin Albrecht
How to Parallelise SINGULAR-Code for Multiple Core Machines Stefan Steidel
Improving the Computation of std, reduce, syz over Z and Other Rings Supported by SINGULAR Anne Fruehbis-Krueger + Frank Seelisch
Interfacing with PolyBoRi and Python from SINGULAR Alexander Dreyer
?: How To Do SINGULAR Development Tutorial, n.n.

Here are some information for those of you who stay in the City Hotel Kaiserslautern:

(You may also share a taxi which should take less than 10 min to get to the Fraunhofer Centre.)


    1. Martin Albrecht Royal Holloway, University of London
    2. Mohamed Barakat TU Kaiserslautern
    3. Michael Brickenstein MFO
    4. Tuan Hiep Dang dipartimento di Matematica, Universita di Bari, Italy
    5. Wolfram Decker TU Kaiserslautern
    6. Alexander Dreyer ITWM
    7. Burcin Erocal RISC, JKU, Linz
    8. Andrew Ewart University of Warwick
    9. Anne Frübis-Krüger University of Hannover
    10. Gert-Martin Greuel TU Kaiserslautern
    11. Simon King National University of Ireland, Galway
    13. Roberto La Scala Universita di Bari
    14. Markus Lange-Hegermann Lehrstuhl B fuer Mathematik, RWTH Aachen
    15. Martin Lee TU Kaiserslautern
    16. Viktor Levandovskyy RWTH Aachen
    17. Robert Miller University of Washington
    18. Moritz Minzlaff TU Berlin
    19. Oleksandr Motsak TU Kaiserslautern
    20. Gabriel Pannwitz Freie Universität Berlin (student)
    21. Hans Schönemann TU Kaiserslautern
    22. Frank Seelisch TU Kaiserslautern
    23. Andreas Steenpass TU Kaiserslautern
    24. Stefan Steidel TU Kaiserslautern
    25. William Stein University of Washington

For further information browse the corresponding Sage wiki page.