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Here is information on Singular developers in form of a map and lists. Some details on individual contributions to Singular are included.

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Current Singular devteams

LocationResearch Interests
University of KaiserslauternAlgebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra, Singularities
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in LahorePrimary Decomposition, Groebner Bases, Sagbi Bases, Singularities
African Institute for Mathematical SciencesClassification of Singularities of Differentiable Maps
Ben-Gurion universityComputer algebra, singularity theory, tropical geometry
Boise State UniversityAlgebraic Geometry
BTU CottbusAlgebraic Geometry, Singularity Theory
Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED)Secure Data -- Cryptographic Primitives
DamascusAlgebraic Geometry
FU BerlinToric and Algebraic Geometry, Toric Algebra, Tropical Geometry
IIT GuwahatiAlgebraic Geometry
IMPAAlgebraic Geometry, Differential equations, Number Theory
Isfahan University of TechnologyComputer Algebra (Grobner bases and its applications)
Juárez University, Autonomous of Tabasco, Basics SciencesGeometry and Dynamical Systems
Karadeniz Technical UniversitySymbolic computing
KurdistanComputer algebra,comutative algebra, algorithmic combinatorics
Mathematisches Forschunginstitut OberwolfachGroebner Bases, Boolean Polynomials, PolyBoRi, Cryptanalysis, Verification
National University of Ireland, GalwayComputational Group Cohomology
New Mexico State UniversityAlgebraic Geometry
Oklahoma State UniversityAlgebraic Geometry, Singularities, Computer Algebra
Royal Holloway, University of LondonCryptography
RWTH AachenNon-Commutative Algebra, Systems and Control Theory
Universidad de Buenos AiresPrimary Decomposition, Normalization, Groebner Bases
Universidad de SevillaAlgebraic Geometry, D-modules, Computer Algebra, Integer Optimization, Representation Theory
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaAlgebraic Geometry
Università degli Studi di TorinoAlgebraic Geometry, Computational Commutative Algebra.
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-YvelinesComputer Algebra, Polynomial Factorization
University of BaghdadSingularity Theory
University of California, BerkeleyAlgebraic Geometry, Tropical Geometry
University of GöttingenTropical Geometry
University of HannoverSingularities and Desingularization
University of La Laguna (ext. Valladolid)Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics and Computer Algebra
University of SaarlandAlgebraic geometry, Syzygies, Tropical mirror symmetry, Visualization
University of ValladolidAlgebraic Geometry, Singularities, Commutative Algebra, Combinatorics, Coding Theory, Computing and Optimization
University of WaterlooSymbolic Computation

Current Singular developers

NameStatusResearch Interests
Wolfram DeckerProfessor at TU KaiserslauternAlgebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra
Gert-Martin GreuelProfessor at TU KaiserslauternAlgebraic Geometry, Singularity Theory, Computer Algebra and its Applications
Gerhard PfisterProfessor at TU KaiserslauternComputer Algebra, Singularity Theory
Hans SchönemannAssistentGroebner Bases, implementation of Singular
Shawki Al RashedDoctor Dr.rar.nat, DozentCommutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
Mohammed Salim Jbara Al-BahadeliLecturerSingularity Theory
Shawki Al-RashedPhD student at TU KaiserslauternComputer Algebra, Numerical Algebraic Geometry
Mir Mohammad Reza Alavi MilaniPhD studentSymbolic computing
Martin AlbrechtPhD studentCryptography
Jaume AmorosProfessorAlgebraic Geometry
Daniel AndresDiploma student at RWTH AachenD-Modules, Intersection of Left Ideal with 1-generated Subalgebra of Noetherian Ring
Mohamed BarakatAssistant professor at the University of KaiserslauternAlgorithmic Homological Algebra, Orbifold Cohomology, Conley Index Theory, Computer Algebra
Bruce BartlettLecturerTopological quantum field theory, Low dimensional topology
Isabel BermejoAssociate ProfessorCommutative Algebra,Algebraic Geometry and Singularities, Combinatorics and Computer Algebra
Isabel Berna SepulvedaPhD studentAlgebraic Geometry
Muhammad Asan BinyaminPhD student at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical ScienceSingularities
René BirknerPhd Student-
Rocio BlancoPhD, Assistant ProfessorResolution of Singularities, Search of Kangaroo Singularities
Janko BoehmPostdocTropical Mirror Symmetry, Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics
Xenia BogomolecDiploma student at Leibniz University of HannoverComputer Algebra (algorithms over Z[x_1,...,x_n])
Michael BrickensteinSoftware developerGroebner Bases, Boolean Polynomials, PolyBoRi, Verification, Cryptanalysis
Sarah BrodskyGraduate StudentAlgebraic Geometry, Tropical Geometry
Stanislav BulyginPost-doctoral researcherAlgebraic Cryptanalysis, Mutivariate Crypto, Coding Theory
Antonio CampilloProfessorSingularities, Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra. Coding Theory. Combinatorics. Computing and Optimization
Victor Castellanos V.ProfessorGeometry and Dynamical Systems
Francisco-Jesus Castro-JimenezCatedráticoD-modules, Algebraic Geometry, Integer Optimization
Michela CeriaPhD StudentAlgebraic Geometry, Computational Commutative algebra.
Raza ChouderyDirector at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Science-
Laura Colmenarejo-Hernando--
Alexander DreyerResearcherBoolean Groebner Bases, Analog Circuit Analysis
Christian EderPhD student at TU KaiserslauternGroebner Bases, F4, F5, Parallelizations
Santiago EncinasProfessorEffective Resolution of Singularities, Lojasiewicz exponent
Jose Ignacio FarranProfessorCurve Singularities. Coding Theory, Computer Algebra. Numerical Semigroups
Oscar Fernández-RamosPhD student at University of ValladolidCommutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Computer Algebra
Maria-Cruz Fernandez-FernandezProf. Ayudante DoctorD-modules, Algebraic Geometry
Anne Fruehbis-KruegerPrivatdozentinSingularities and Desingularization
Rosa de FrutosAssistant ProfessorComputer Algebra, Polynomial computations
Manuel-Jesus Gago-VargasProf. TitularInteger Optimization, Algebraic Geometry
Eva Garcia-LlorentePhD studentCommutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics and Computer Algebra
Ignacio Garcia-MarcoPhD studentCommutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics and Computer Algebra
Florian GeissPhD studentModuli of Curves
Philippe GimenezProfessor at University of ValladolidCommutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Computer Algebra
Christian HaaseMeister-
Maria-Isabel Hartillo-HermosoProf. Contratada DoctorInteger Optimization, Algebraic Geometry
Amir HashemiAssistant professorComputer Algebra (Groebner Bases and its Applications)
Albert HeinlePh.D StudentNoncommutative Factorization, Matrix Normal Forms
Fernando HernandoPost-DocCoding Theory, List Decoding, Algebraic Geometry, Poincare Series and Semigroups
Jamal Hossein PoorPhD studentcompter algebra
Sahereh Hossein pourPhD studentComputer algebra & Cryptography
Bradford HovinenPost-doctoral fellowDeformation Theory and Singularities
Nazeran IdressPhD student at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical SciencePrimary Decomposition of Modules
Anders JensenPostdocTropical Geometry
Lars KastnerPhD student-
Arnold KeetSenior LecturerNumber theory, Invariant theory
Junaid Alan KhanPhD student at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical ScienceSagbi Bases
Simon KingPost DocComputational Group Cohomology and Low Dimensional Topology
Kai Krüger--
Oliver LabsPostdocAlgebraic Surfaces, Visualization
Santiago LaplagneGraduate studentPrimary Decomposition, Normalization, Groebner Bases
Grégoire LecerfProfessorComputer Algebra, Polynomial Factorization
Martin LeePhD student at TU KaiserslauternPolynomial Factorization
Viktor LevandovskyyAssistant professor at RWTH AachenNon-Commutative Computer Algebra, Computations with and Structural Theory of Modules over Operator Algebras with variable coefficients
Benjamin LorenzPhD StudentLattice Polytopes, Polymake Dev
Christoph LossenManaging Director of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern Singularity Theory and Computer Algebra
Magdaleen MaraisPostdoctoral fellowNoncommutative ring theory
Thomas MarkwigAssistant professor at the University of KaiserslauternAlgebraic Geometry, Singularity Theory, Computer Algebra and Tropical Geometry
Hannah MarkwigJuniorprofessorTropical Geometry
Irene MarquezPhD studentCoding Theory, Cryptography, Groebner Bases, Graver Bases
Bernd MartinProfessorAlgebraic Geometry, Singularites
Edgar MartinezProfessorCoding Theory, Cryptography, Computer Algebra, Groebner Bases, Combinatorics
Martin MonerjanDiploma student at TU Kaiserslautern
Khosro MonsefDr. Post-DocDifferential Equations, Number theory
Francisco MonserratPhD, Assistant ProfessorError-correcting Codes. Algebraic Foliations.
Antonio MontesProfessorComputer Algebra, Canonical Groebner Bases
Oleksandr MotsakPhD student at TU KaiserslauternNon-Commutative Algebra, Constructive Homological Algebra
Hossein MovasatiDr. Tenure TrackAlgebraic Geometry, Differential Equations, Number Theory
Andreas Paffenholz--
Huseyin PehlivanAss.Prof.Computer Algebra
Maria Jesus PisabarroProfessorMonomial Curves: Effective Computation of Generator Systems from Parametrizations.
Yue RenPostdocComputer algebra, tropical gometry
Diego RuanoPhD, Assistant ProfessorAlgebraic Coding Theory, Decoding Algorithms. Search of Codes with good parameters, Network Coding
Dilia RuedaGraduate studentAffine algebraic geometry, group actions
Afshan SadiqPhD student at Abdus Salam School of Mathematical ScienceGroebner Bases over Rings
Kristina SchindelarPhD student at RWTH AachenNon-Commutative Algebra, System and Control Theory
Frank-Olaf SchreyerProfessorAlgebraic Geometry, Syzygies
Mathias SchulzeAssistant ProfessorAlgebraic Geometry, Singularities, Computer Algebra
Frank SeelischAssistentGröber Bases over Coefficient Rings (Z, Z/p^k, Z/m)
Andreas SteenpaßPhD student at the University of KaiserslauternParallelization: Modular and p-adic methods
Stefan SteidelPhD student at TU KaiserslauternGroebner Bases, Symmetries, Modular methods, Parallelizations
Grischa Studzinskidipoma studentAlgoritms for Non-Commutative Associative Algebras: K-Dimension, K-Basis, Groebner Basis over Rings, Truncated Groebner Basis
Zach TeitlerAsst. ProfessorAlgebraic Geometry
Mahdi Teymuri
Jose-Maria UchaContratado DoctorD-modules, Integer Optimization
Vinay WaghAssistant ProfessorAlgebraic Geometry
Katharina WernerDiploma student at the Leibniz University of HannoverAlgorithmic Desingularization
Eva ZerzProfessor at RWTH Aachengeneral expertise on Systems and Control Theory

Former Singular developers / Further Contributions to Singular

Olaf Bachmann
Thomas Bauer
Markus Becker
Michael CuntzKaiserslautern, Germany
Kai Dehmann
Marcin Dumnicki
Stephan EndraßMainz, Germany
Vladimir GerdtDubna, Russia
Christian GorzelMünster, Germany
Hubert GrassmannBerlin, Germany
Agnes HeydtmannSaarbrücken, Germany
Dietmar HillebrandDortmund, Germany
Tobias HirschCottbus, Germany
Manuel Kauers
Simon KingGalway, Ireland
Anen Lakhal
Martin Lamm
Francisco Javier LobilloGranada, Spain
Michael MeßollenSaarbrücken, Germany
Andrea Mindnich
Jorge Martin Morales
Thomas Nüßler
Wolfgang Neumann
Markus PerlingBochum, Germany
Wilfried Pohl
Carlos RabeloGranada, Spain
Alfredo Sanchez-NavarroCadiz, Spain
Jens Schmidt
Thomas SiebertBerlin, Germany
Rüdiger Stobbe
Henrik StrohmayerStockholm, Sweden
Christian StussakHalle/Saale, Germany
Imade SulandraSaarbrücken, Germany
Christine TheisSaarbrücken, Germany
Enrique TobisBuenos Aires, Argentina
Alberto Vigneron-TenorioCadiz, Spain
Moritz Wenk
Eric Westenberger
Tim Wichmann
Oliver WienandMannheim, Germany
Denis YanovichDubna, Russia
Oleksandr Yena