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Step 1 of 5: General information about the data you need

You need the following data to upload your development team to the Singular developers map:

(a) Group data:

  • Name of your university, the title of your devteam infowindow in the devmap later on
  • Google maps coordinates of your university: For this you need to go to the google maps site and search for your place on the map. Once you have found it, make a right click at the chosen position and click on the last item in the opening menu. Now you can see your google maps coordinates (e.g. 49.423371,7.754061 are the coordinates for our building at the TU Kaiserslautern in Germany) in the search bar on top of the page. You just need to paste this tuple of floats/coordinates in the formular.
  • Research area of your group
  • Link or email address of the group (not required)
  • Picture of your group: Note that the picture should fulfill the following requirements: Min. width: 450px, width >= height.
  • Number of the group members
  • Password for subsequent changes

    • (b) Member data:

      • Name of the member
      • Status of the member (e.g. diploma student, PhD student, professor)
      • Research interests of the member (eventually more specific than the research area of the group)
      • Link or email address of the member (not required)
      • Information about library developments: (not required)
        Each member can specify 4 different libraries she/he has developed. For each one you need the name and a short description of the library.
      • Information about kernel developments: (not required)
        Keep this rather informal, just give a short description of the areas of the kernel the member has contributed to.

        • You can download a .pdf version of the instructions here.