LELA   Library for exact linear algebra

LELA is a C++ template-library for computations in (normally) exact linear algebra. It is flexible in two respects:

1. the choice of ring over which to compute
2. the choice of vector- and matrix-representation, i.e. dense vs. sparse

LELA uses C++ templates to provide the best feasible performance for each of the above choices. It also includes wrappers for some other libraries, such as M4RI (see http://m4ri.sourceforge.net/) and CBLAS to make use of highly specialised implementations available in certain cases. All of these dependencies are optional; if the libraries are not present, LELA will fall back to its own routines at a cost of some performance.

An introductory tutorial on the use of LELA may be found at the tutorial site.

LELA was originally derived from LinBox (see http://www.linalg.org/).

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August 01 2011: The first beta release of LELA is available in our download section.