source: git

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
Tst 99a5bb   6 days hannes opt: use of std (for already computed SB) ...
tests 1d8d0e   4 years hannes make iiS2I a static routine
templates 0f9b03   2 months hannes fix: syzextra
standalone.test a507140   3 years hannes opt: nCoeffWrite/nCoeffString via nCoeffName
Singular 2234726   3 days hannes fix: system("cpu") should agree with --cpus=...
resources 7afda2   3 months max Update files, avoid obsolete syntax
redhat 269565   2 weeks hannes fix: rpm builds
ppcc 668a9f   12 months hannes fix: siInit: compiler warning
omalloc 7afda2   3 months max Update files, avoid obsolete syntax
misc ef0a94   4 years behrends Final ppcc fixes (part 2).
m4 3c6f0f   2 months hannes fix: search gmp,flint at default locations
logo c4fa04   10 years mschulze new Singular logos * Singular text * Singular text and logo
libpolys e6fbd53   7 weeks quatermaster fix broken module machinery in libpolys The libpolys machinery to ...
kernel 9d9446   7 weeks hannes 4-3-1p3
IntegerProgramming f0c0868   3 months hannes fix: tests for fstream.h vs. fstream
gfanlib 1e1990   7 weeks chapoton fixing various typos (found using egrep)
factory acf2c2   2 weeks fchapoton2 Update fix typo there
emacs 54888f   7 weeks hannes helper for julia: arnoldClassify_to_string
dox 182ac7   21 months hannes moved -> ind2, ind_fact_2, removed VANIDEAL RING2TOM
doc 594560   5 days hannes call std in many places only if attribute isSB is not set
desktop eb2441   7 years hannes desktop files: syntax (see tr. #757)
.github 3d3fd4   2 months max Update two more CI actions to latest version 399 bytes 75f460   8 years hannes format
README.pSingular 161 bytes 844f30   13 months hannes update README.pSingular
README.pkg 917 bytes 741a18   7 months quatermaster update Debian material in README.pkg Description: upstream update: ... 967 bytes 19f6b5f   3 years hannes renamed repo: Sources -> Singular
README 841 bytes e62365   3 years max Update some links 1.2 KB cba9b3   7 months hannes apapt to --htmdir option to configure, build a different doc.tbz2 1.8 KB 52f77c   7 months hannes make_tar: 4.3.1
main.dox 4.2 KB 4bde6b   3 years hannes spelling p1 1.6 KB 244674   14 months hannes more NTL_CPPFLAGS: modulop.h includes NTL/config.h
GPL3 34.3 KB ab53b7   15 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
GPL2 17.6 KB ab53b7   15 years hannes *hannes: licence git-svn-id: ...
doxy 1.8 KB 75f460   8 years hannes format
COPYING 5.5 KB 13640e   7 months hannes 4-3-1 11.6 KB 7afda2   3 months max Update files, avoid obsolete syntax 447 bytes 19763ff   3 years max Add basic GitHub Actions CI tests
.gitignore 2.2 KB 4c08ef   20 months hannes update
.gitattributes 59 bytes 4c08ef   20 months hannes update
.gdbinit 693 bytes d0bdb6   8 years hannes format
.codespell_ignore 154 bytes 32c4829   3 months chapoton final typos removed in kernel/
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