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[6ba162]1// testdata.h
3// This file provides an interface for generating test data.
5#ifndef TESTDATA_H
6#define TESTDATA_H
8#include "globals.h"
10extern int random_matrix(const short& rows, const short& columns,
11                         const Integer& lower_bound,
12                         const Integer& upper_bound,
13                         ofstream& MATRIX);
15// Creates a random matrix of size rows x columns with entries between
16// lower_bound and upper_bound. This matrix is written in the MATRIX file
17// in the format explained in IP_algorithms.h, together with a randomly
18// generated (integer) cost vector with entries between 0 and upper_bound.
20// The positive row space vector needed by the algorithms of Hosten/Sturmfels
21// and Bigatti/LaScala/Robbiano has to be entered by hand. It can be computed
22// (or its existence can be verified) with the Simplex algorithm that is not
23// included in this package.
25extern int transportation_problem(const short& sources, const short& targets,
26                                  const Integer& upper_bound,
27                                  ofstream& MATRIX);
29// Creates a transportation problem with the given number of sources and
30// targets. This involves creating the (fixed) constraint matrix of size
31// (sources + targets) x (sources * targets) and a randomly chosen cost vector
32// (the "transportation matrix") of size targets*sources with entries between
33// 0 and upper_bound.
35// In the case of the transportation problem, a positive row space vector
36// is given e.g. by the vector where all entries are 1, so it is printed
37// automatically.
39extern int random_problems (const short& vector_dimension,
40                            const long& number_of_instances,
41                            const Integer& lower_bound,
42                            const Integer& upper_bound,
43                            ofstream& PROBLEM);
45// Creates number_of_instances random vectors of size vector_dimension
46// with entries beteewn lower_bound and upper_bound. These vectors are
47// written in the PROBLEM file in the format explained in IP_algorithms.h.
49// For the (Positive) Conti-Traverso algorithm it might be more useful to
50// generate some problems by hand (randomly created instances show to be
51// unsolvable in many cases).
53#endif  // TESTDATA_H
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