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[24c9bf]1Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-6:
[845377a]2- bug fix in primes/IspPrime (track 166)
[24c9bf]3- bug fixed for Z/p (p>32003): nPower
[845377a]4- bug fixed in Singular<->factory conversion (track 164)
[441140]5- nInt, nInit are now indep. from currRing
[698fe4]6- intmat [n][0] fixed
[612c04]7- insert: memeory leak fixed (track 177)
8- homolog.lib: canonMap new
[d3e630]10Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-5:
[f73e9cd]11- 3-1-0-6: Fri Aug 21 12:59:52 CEST 2009
[d3e630]12- code cleanup: removed HAVE_NAMESPACES (always 0), HAVE_NS(1), HAVE_GMP(1)
13                HAVE_LIBFAC_P (=HAVE_FACTORY)
14- moved mp_set_memory_functions-call from kernel/ to
15  (in order not to call it for libsingular)
[f73e9cd]16- some changes for super-commutaive algeras
[cf5d30]18Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-4:
[1f3a1b]19- 3-1-0-5: Tue Jul 28 14:03:59 CEST 2009
[8fea29]20- SAGE patches for gcc 4.4 etc.
[54ed6d]21- fixed bug in ring change during tail reduction
[cf5d30]22- new libs: binresol.lib, trial.lib
23- NTL: update to version 5.5.1
[54ed6d]24- tail reduction for coeffcients also from Z/m, Z/p^n, Z/2^m (trac 137)
[d5564f8]25- better tests for overflow of exponents: std,  ^, TODO: *, NF, redTail, slimgb
[1f3a1b]26- solve.lib fixed, interred fixed (bug_55)
[360989a]28Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-3:
29- 3-1-0-4: Wed Jun 10 2009
30- tail reduction for coeffs from Z (trac 137)
31- code cleanup for gcc 4.3
32- more updates/fixes to presolve.lib, normal.lib
33- minor updates
[0b1568]35Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-2:
[eedc846]36- 3-1-0-3: Mon May 25 2009
[5b2685e]37- SAGE patches
38- test for homogeneity nowe consistent (see Tst/Short/bug_homog)
39- presolve::elimpart improved (see Tst/Short/bug_presolve)
[0b1568]40- pointid.lib added
41- dmod.lib extended (operatorModulo)
[eedc846]42- normal.lib improved (matrix orderings etc.)
[5b2685e]43- minor updates
[d83119]45Changes w.r.t 3-1-0-1:
46- 3-1-0-2 Wed May  6 12:34:23 CEST 2009
[5b2685e]47- TMPDIR causes problems on MacOsX builds (or fails): renamed to SI_TMPDIR
[d83119]48- better error handling in assigning qring
49- attributes which depend on the ring: cleanup fixed (see Tst/Short/bug_tr134)
50- minor updates
[d83119]52Changes w.r.t 3-1-0:
[c35cc4]53- 3-1-0-1 Tue Apr 28 20:11:22 CEST 2009
[eedc846]54- reduction was not complete in some cases fixed (char 0, qring, module, ordering (c,...))
[d83119]55  (see Tst/Short/bug_tr132)
[c35cc4]56- better test for arguments of elim (check for old syntax)
57  (see elim.lib, tr 133)
58- minor doc updates
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