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[0eaaf6]1Thu Sep 27 18:00:00 CEST 2007 Singular-3-0-3-1
2Changes with respect to 3-0-3:
4- SAGE patches (for building libsingular) integrated
5- flex/bison generated files integrated: these files will only
6  be regenerated if removed;
7  a normal build will no longer need bison and flex, but configure still
8  tests for them.
9- gftables changed to tables based on Conway polynomials
10  (see factory/ConwayList.txt) and more tables created
11  (for all fields of char p < 255 with < 2^16 elements)
12- multivariate GCD (in char 0, no extension) improved
13  by a modular method: selected by On(SW_USE_CHINREM_GCD), on by default
14- modgen has no longer a builtin path:
15  change SINGULARROOT in the generated Makefile if you dislike the default
[b609ff]18Tue Oct 16 18:58:18 CEST 2007 Singular-3-0-3-2
19Changes with respect to 3-0-3-1:
[0eaaf6]21- bison generated file integrated also for factory
22- modgen: target clean will no longer remove bison generated files
[b609ff]23          fixes wrt. %return
[0eaaf6]24- gcd in algebraic extensions: remove content wrt. K(alpha), not only wrt. K
25- EZGCD: special case is handled by CHINREM_GCD
[b609ff]26- heuristic for gcd in char 0: 1) EZGCD 2) CHINREM_GCD 3) Prem
27- NTL: update to version 5.4.1
28- doc/general.doc: description of algorithms updated
[4a4d6fc]29- omalloc: areas may overlap: use memmove instead of memcpy
32Wed Oct 31 18:57:21 CET 2007 Singular-3-0-4-beta
33Changes with respect to 3-0-3-2
34- more modgen fixes
35- Weyl, Exterior, findimAlgebra, nc_algebra do not change the current ring but
36  return the new structure
37- ncalgebra is now depreciated, use the new command nc_algebra
38- libraries changes to use nc_algebra
40Fri Nov  2 14:31:22 CET 2007 Singular-3-0-4-beta
41more Changes with respect to 3-0-3-2
42- use of boost and std::vector can be changed via configure
43  (--without-Boost, --with-stdvec)
45Tue Nov  6 16:02:29 CET 2007 Singular-3-0-4-beta
46more Changes with respect to 3-0-3-2
47- new system("SingularLib"): return SINGULAR_PATH after evaluation
48- standard.lib:weightKB improved
49- highest corner and weights fixed (was wrong in ring with ordering Ws/ws)
51Tue Nov 13 18:26:32 CET 2007 Singular-3-0-4-beta
52- surfex.lib: find path to surfex via system("Singular"),
53              if this fails, try also all directorories in system("SingularLib")
54- timer: find clock ticks:
55    - try HZ (traditional)
56    - try CLK_TCK (POSIX-1)
57    - try sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) (POSIX-2)
59Tue Nov 27 12:16:36 CET 2007 Singular-3-0-4-1
60Changes with respect to 3-0-4
61- dmod.lib: fixes wrt. nc_algebra and documentation
62- allow assignments like: def l=1,2,3;
65Tue Dec 18 14:12:46 MET 2007
66Changes with respect to 3-0-4-1
67- could not include bits/sigcontext.h and asm/sigcontext.h:
68  include signal.h and hope for the best
69- glibc 2.6/2.7 does not have a dynamic fstat - use our own from
70  Singular/ singular_fstat
71- fixed LIB/involut.lib: problems with ring change : nc_algebra
74Jan 01 2008
75more Changes with respect to 3-0-4-1
76- adaption of the default modules to GLIBC changes
77  (does not apply to static versions):
78  Unfortunately, the GLIBC developpers decided to omit some functions from
79  the dynamic version of libc (starting from GLIBC 2.4/2.5).
80  Some of these function are now provided in the Singular executable
81  (singular_fstat for fstat), for others we have to link with
82  libc_nonshared  (for stack_chk_fail*)
83  (maybe, -fno-stack-protector -fno-stack-protector-all
84  could also fix this...but some libraries could use it also..).
85  Currently, this applies to,
87- conversion of polynomials Singular <--> factory optimized: uses sbuckets
89Tue Jan 22 10:40:39 CET 2008
90more Changes with respect to 3-0-4-1
91- sqrFree moved from libfac to factory
92- new command sqrfree
94Mon Feb  4 14:32:43 MET 2008
95more Changes with respect to 3-0-4-1
96- rSetHdl test now if the ring has an entry for module comp:
97  to many routines rely on that.
98  If the ring has not, it is changed: see kernel/
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