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[9b216e2]1Changes since 3-1-3:
[fd742b]2- update normliz/normaliz.lib to 2.7
3- missing ncfactor.lib -> Singular-share
4- operator / for int yileds a warning
[a76d93d]5- port to SolarisStudio compiler on linux
6  (./configure --without-dl;make install;cd Singular;make Singular-static)
[4be9435]7- fixes to ssiLinks: can also transmit newstruct
8- added to newstruct: for each rin-dep. member a an additional,
9  read-only member r_a iis added (the ring a is in)
[9b216e2]10- degBound also for non-commutive rings
[4be9435]11- added all that libs that missed the 3-1-3 deadline
12- Di 26. Apr 12:07:06 CEST 2011: 3-1-3-1
14Do 7. Apr 2011
15Release 3-1-3
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