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1# Singular help browser file
2# each line which start with an # is a comment
3# each other line defines a (possible) help browser
4# the format of the entries is: <name>!<requirements>!<shell command>
6# known requirements:
7#  x- requires singular.idx
8#  i- requires singular.hlp
9#  h- requires html dir
10#  D- requires the enviroment variable DISPLAY
11#  C- requires Windows-help: Manual.chm
12#  E:executable:- requires the named exectable
13#  O:`uname -m`-`uname -s`:- requires the named uname
14#  (ubuntu has an open completely different from open on OsX)
16# shell commands substitute the following:
17#  %h: the local html file (in the form file://localhost/some/dir/sing_123.htm)
18#  %f: the local html file (in the form /some/dir/sing_123.htm)
19#  %H: the www html  file
20#             (in the form
21#  %i: the complete path of singular.hlp
22#  %n: the info node
23#  %v: Singular version (in the form 4-0-0)
25# the default help browsers builtin, dummy and emacs are always
26#   available and should NOT be mentioned here
28htmlview!xDhE:htmlview:!htmlview %h &
29mac!xhE:open:O:x86_64-Darwin:!open %f &
30mac-net!xE:open:O:x86_64-Darwin:!open %H &
31mozilla!xDhE:mozilla:!(mozilla -remote "openURL(%h)")||(mozilla %h) &
32firefox!xDhE:firefox:!firefox %h &
33konqueror!xDhE:konqueror:!konqueror %h &
34galeon!xDhE:galeon:!galeon -n %h &
35netscape!xDhE:netscape:!(netscape -remote "openURL(%h)")||(netscape %h) &
36cygwin!xhE:cygstart:!cygstart "%h" &
37cygwin-www!E:cygstart:!cygstart "%H" &
38safari!xhE:/Applications/!open /Applications/ %h
39tkinfo!xDiE:tkinfo:!tkinfo '(%i)%n' &
40xinfo!xDiE:xterm:E:info:!xterm -e info -f %i --node='%n' &
41info!xiE:info:!info -f %i --node='%n'
42lynx!xhE:lynx:!lynx %h
44# dummy versions for pure online help
45mac-www!E:open:O:x86_64-Darwin:!open &
46mozilla-www!DE:mozilla:!(mozilla -remote "openURL(")||(mozilla &
47firefox-www-idx!xDE:firefox:!firefox %H &
48firefox-www!DE:firefox:!firefox &
49konqueror-www-idx!xDE:konqueror:!konqueror %H &
50konqueror-www!DE:konqueror:!konqueror &
51galeon-www-idx!xDE:galeon:!galeon -n %H &
52galeon-www!DE:galeon:!galeon -n &
53netscape-www!DE:netscape:!(netscape -remote "openURL(")||(netscape &
54safari-www-idx!xE:/Applications/!open /Applications/ %H
55safari-www!E:/Applications/!open /Applications/
56lynx-www-idx!xE:lynx:!lynx %H
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