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2*  Computer Algebra System SINGULAR     *
5 *  File:    mpsr_sl.h
6 *  Purpose: declaration of sl_link routines for MP
7 *  Author:  obachman (Olaf Bachmann)
8 *  Created: 12/00
9 *  Version: $Id$
10 *******************************************************************/
11LINKAGE BOOLEAN slOpenMPFile(si_link l, short flag, leftv u);
12LINKAGE MP_Link_pt slOpenMPConnect(int n_argc, char **n_argv);
13LINKAGE MP_Link_pt slOpenMPListen(int n_argc, char **n_argv);
14LINKAGE MP_Link_pt slOpenMPLaunch(int n_argc, char **n_argv);
15LINKAGE MP_Link_pt slOpenMPFork(si_link l, int n_argc, char **n_argv);
16LINKAGE BOOLEAN slOpenMPTcp(si_link l, short flag, leftv u);
17LINKAGE BOOLEAN slWriteMP(si_link l, leftv v);
18LINKAGE leftv slReadMP(si_link l);
19LINKAGE BOOLEAN slCloseMP(si_link l);
20LINKAGE BOOLEAN slKillMP(si_link l);
21LINKAGE BOOLEAN slDumpMP(si_link l);
22LINKAGE BOOLEAN slGetDumpMP(si_link l);
23LINKAGE const char* slStatusMP(si_link l, const char* request);
24LINKAGE int Batch_do(const char* port, const char* host);
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