source: git/Tst/Buch/Proc_3_7_1.stat

spielwiese Release-4-3-2p8
Last change on this file was 8f296a, checked in by Oleksandr Motsak <motsak@…>, 11 years ago
Updated 'Singular/singular-libs' (for tested libs only) + The rest of updated tests due to master [mmm]! fix: corrected some wrong library names in tests (TODO: update test results afterwards) TODO/NOTE: some of LIB/*.lib are not installed and not yet tested in Tst/ NOTE: some more changes to Interpreter are needed for several further (incompatible with master) tests !!!
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 276 bytes
11 >> tst_memory_0 :: 1350122547:3150:3-1-5:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:231680
21 >> tst_memory_1 :: 1350122547:3150:3-1-5:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:2241344
31 >> tst_memory_2 :: 1350122547:3150:3-1-5:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:2276216
41 >> tst_timer_1 :: 1350122547:3150:3-1-5:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:5
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