source: git/Tst/Manual/Tracing_of_procedures.stat @ 4bbafd

Last change on this file since 4bbafd was 6fb723, checked in by Yue Ren <ren@…>, 11 years ago
fix: correct result files for Tracing_of_procedures.tst running the test under master branch showed the same differences in result files (and the differences are that the new results are shifted back by one line)
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 327 bytes
11 >> tst_memory_0 :: 1361208655:3.1.3.sw $Id$:spielwiese:version:mandelbrot:99504
21 >> tst_memory_1 :: 1361208655:3.1.3.sw $Id$:spielwiese:version:mandelbrot:2215936
31 >> tst_memory_2 :: 1361208655:3.1.3.sw $Id$:spielwiese:version:mandelbrot:2215936
41 >> tst_timer_1 :: 1361208655:3.1.3.sw $Id$:spielwiese:version:mandelbrot:0
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