source: git/Tst/Manual/_lll.stat @ e197f5

Last change on this file since e197f5 was e197f5, checked in by Oleksandr Motsak <motsak@…>, 12 years ago
fix due to case sensitive file systems fix: tests from Manual/ with only case different names chg: updated *.uu results as well! chg: updated regress.cmd to remote the leading _ for tests starting with "_[a-z0-9]" during the TC output NOTE: the tests with lower case names got a leading underscore character (_)
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 327 bytes
11 >> tst_memory_0 :: 1316104113:3132- exportiert :3-1-3:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:234068
21 >> tst_memory_1 :: 1316104113:3132- exportiert :3-1-3:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:667380
31 >> tst_memory_2 :: 1316104113:3132- exportiert :3-1-3:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:700164
41 >> tst_timer_1 :: 1316104113:3132- exportiert :3-1-3:ix86-Linux:mamawutz:16
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