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Added better test for testParametrization
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[e15ccf]1LIB "tst.lib"; tst_init();
2LIB "paraplanecurves.lib";
3ring R = 0,(x,y,z),dp;
4poly f1 = 1/2*x^5+x^2*y*z^2+x^3*y*z+1/2*x*y^2*z^2-2*x*y^3*z+y^5;
5def Rp1 = paraPlaneCurve(f1);
6testParametrization(f1, Rp1);
7setring R;
8poly f2 = x6+3x4y2+3x2y4+y6-4x4z2-34x3yz2-7x2y2z2+12xy3z2+6y4z2;
9f2 = f2+36x2z4+36xyz4+9y2z4;
10def Rp2 = paraPlaneCurve(f2);
11testParametrization(f2, Rp2);
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