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Last change on this file since 7fe9f8b was 7fe9f8b, checked in by Oleksandr Motsak <motsak@…>, 11 years ago
Added new experimental library "derham.lib" add: derham.lib as an experimental library (SLIB1 in singular-libs) add: added tests for derham.lib as Tst/Plural/derham.tst + included into Tst/Plural.lst chg/fix: avoid "wrong weights" warning out of 'std' TODO: induced deg seems to be ignored - one is to make use of "am" instead?
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File size: 328 bytes
11 >> tst_memory_0 :: 1351874506:0- spielwiese :spielwiese:version:dilbert:5076856
21 >> tst_memory_1 :: 1351874506:0- spielwiese :spielwiese:version:dilbert:26923008
31 >> tst_memory_2 :: 1351874506:0- spielwiese :spielwiese:version:dilbert:195670608
41 >> tst_timer_1 :: 1351874506:0- spielwiese :spielwiese:version:dilbert:10574
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