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1LIB "tst.lib";
3LIB "dmod.lib";
4ring r = 0,(x,y),dp;
5poly f = x^3+xy;
6def S = Sannfs(f); setring S; // compute the annihilator of f^s
7LD; // is not a Groebner basis yet!
8poly f = imap(r,f);
9poly P = f*Dx-s*diff(f,x);
10division(P,LD); // so P is in the ideal via the cofactors in _[1]
11ideal I = LD, f; // consider a bigger ideal
12list L = division(s^2, I); // the normal form is -2s-1
14// now we show that the formula above holds
15matrix M[1][1] = s^2; matrix N = matrix(I);
16matrix T = matrix(L[1]); matrix R = matrix(L[2]); matrix U  = matrix(L[3]);
17transpose(U)*transpose(M) - transpose(T)*transpose(N) - transpose(R);
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