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1@comment -*-texinfo-*-
2@comment $Id$
3@comment this file contains the copyright notice on Singular
4@ifclear VERSION
5@include version.texi
6@end ifclear
8@cindex copyright
9@cindex factory
10@cindex GMP
11@cindex MP
12@cindex NTL
13@cindex readline
14@cindex libfac
15@cindex surfex
16@cindex surfer
18@center @sc{Singular} version @value{VERSION}
19@center @uref{,,University of Kaiserslautern}
20@center @uref{,,Department of Mathematics} and  @uref{,,Centre for Computer Algebra}
21@center Authors: @uref{,,G.-M. Greuel}, @uref{,,G. Pfister}, @uref{,,H. Schoenemann}
23@center Copyright @copyright{} 1986-2009
24@sp 2
25@center @strong{NOTICE}
27This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
28it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
29the Free Software Foundation (version 2 or version 3 of the License).
31Some single files have a copyright given within the file:
32Singular/ndbm.* (BSD), kernel/htmlhelp.h (LGPL 2.1+)
34The following software modules shipped with @sc{Singular} have their own copyright:
35the omalloc library, the readline library,
36the GNU Multiple Precision Library (GMP),
37NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory (NTL),
38the Multi Protocol library (MP), the
39Singular-Factory library, the Singular-libfac library,
40surfex, and,
41for the Windows distributions, the Cygwin DLL and the Cygwin tools (Cygwin), and the
42XEmacs editor (XEmacs).
44Their copyrights and licenses can be found in the accompanying files COPYING
45which are distributed along with these packages.
46(Since version 3-0-3 of @sc{Singular}, all parts have GPL or LGPL
47as (one of) their licences.)
49This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
50but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
52GNU General Public License for more details.
54You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
55along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
56Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
57(see @uref{,,GPL})
59Please send any comments or bug reports to
62If you want to be informed of new releases,
63 please register as a @sc{Singular} user by using the
64registration form on the @sc{Singular} homepage
65              @uref{}.
66If for some reason you cannot access the registration form, you
67can also register by sending an email to
68              @email{}
69with subject line @code{register} and body containing the following data:
70     your name, email address, organisation, country and platform(s).
73For information on how to cite @sc{Singular} see
76You can also support @sc{Singular} by informing us about
77your result obtained by using @sc{Singular}.
79@heading Availability
81The latest information regarding the status of @sc{Singular} is always
82available from @uref{}.
83@ifset singularmanual
84The program @sc{Singular} and the above mentioned parts are available via
85anonymous ftp through the following addresses:
86@table @asis
87@item GMP, libreadline
88@copyright{} Free Software Foundation
89@* @uref{}
90@item MP
91@copyright{} Gray/Kajler/Wang, Kent State University
92@* @uref{}
93@item NTL
94@copyright{} Victor Shoup
95@* @uref{}
96@item Singular-Factory
97@copyright{} Greuel/Stobbe, University of Kaiserslautern:
98@* @uref{}
99@item Singular-libfac
100@copyright{}  Messollen, University of Saarbr@"ucken:
101@* @uref{}
102@item surfex
103@copyright{} Oliver Labs (2001-2008), Stephan Holzer (2004-2005)
104@* @uref{}
105@item surf
106@copyright{} Stephan Endrass
107@* @uref{}
108@item surfer
109@* @uref{}
110@item @sc{Singular} binaries and sources
111@uref{} or via a
112WWW brow@-ser from
114@item Cygwin
116@item Xemacs
118@end table
119@end ifset
121@heading Acknowledgements
123The development of @sc{Singular} is directed and coordinated by
124Gert-Martin Greuel, Gerhard Pfister, and Hans Sch@"onemann.
126@cindex Contributors
127@cindex Authors
128@cindex Greuel, Gert-Martin
129@cindex Pfister, Gerhard
130@cindex Sch@"onemann, Hans
132Currently, the @sc{Singular} team has the following members:
133Michael Brickenstein,
134Wolfram Decker,
135Alexander Dreyer,
136Gert-Martin Greuel,
137Anne Fr@"uhbis-Kr@"uger,
138Viktor Levandovskyy,
139Oleksandr Motsak,
140Gerhard Pfister,
141Hans Sch@"onemann,
142Mathias Schulze,
144Frank Seelisch.
145@cindex Brickenstein, Michael
146@cindex Decker, Wolfram
147@cindex Dreyer, Alexander
148@cindex Fr@"uhbis-Kr@"uger, Anne
149@cindex Levandovskyy, Viktor
150@cindex Motsak, Oleksandr
151@cindex Schulze, Mathias
152@cindex Seelisch, Frank
154Former members of the @sc{Singular} team are:
155Olaf Bachmann,
156Kai Kr@"uger,
157Christoph Lossen,
158Wolfgang Neumann,
159Markus Perling,
160Wilfred Pohl,
161Jens Schmidt,
162Thomas Siebert,
163R@"udiger Stobbe,
164Eric Westenberger,
165Tim Wichmann,
167Oliver Wienand.
168@cindex Bachmann, Olaf
169@cindex Kr@"uger, Kai
170@cindex Lossen, Christoph
171@cindex Neumann, Wolfgang
172@cindex Perling, Markus
173@cindex Pohl, Wilfred
174@cindex Schmidt, Jens
175@cindex Schulze, Mathias
176@cindex Siebert, Thomas
177@cindex Stobbe, R@"udiger
178@cindex Westenberger, Eric
179@cindex Wichmann, Tim
180@cindex Wienand, Oliver
182Further contributions to @sc{Singular} have been made by:
183Daniel Andres,
184Thomas Bayer,
185Isabelle Bermejo,
186Markus Becker,
187Stanislav Bulygin,
188Nadine Cremer,
189Michael Cuntz,
190Kai Dehmann,
191Marcin Dumnicki,
192Stephan Endra@ss{},
193Jose Ignacio Farran,
194I. Garcia-Marco,
195Vladimir Gerdt,
196Philippe Gimenez,
197Christian Gorzel,
198Hubert Grassmann,
199Amir Hashemi,
200Fernando Hernando,
201Agnes Heydtmann,
202Dietmar Hillebrand,
203Tobias Hirsch,
204Markus Hochstetter,
205Manuel Kauers,
206Simon King,
207Anen Lakhal,
208Martin Lamm,
209Santiago Laplagne,
210Gregoire Lecerf,
211Francisco Javier Lobillo,
212Christoph Mang,
213Thomas Markwig,
214Bernd Martin,
215Michael Me@ss{}ollen,
216Andrea Mindnich,
217Jorge Martin Morales,
218Thomas N@"u@ss{}ler,
219Tetyana Povalyaeva,
220Carlos Rabelo,
221J.-J. Salazar-Gonzalez,
222Alfredo Sanchez-Navarro,
223Ivor Saynisch,
224Kristina Schindelar,
225Silke Spang,
226Stefan Steidel,
227Henrik Strohmayer,
228Christian Stussak,
229Imade Sulandra,
230Akira Suzuki,
231Christine Theis,
232Enrique Tobis,
233Maryna Viazovska,
234Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio,
235Moritz Wenk,
236Denis Yanovich,
237Oleksandr Iena.
238@cindex Andres, Daniel
239@cindex Bayer, Thomas
240@cindex Bermejo, Isabelle
241@cindex Becker, Markus
242@cindex Bulygin, Stanislav
243@cindex Cremer, Nadine
244@cindex Cuntz, Michael
245@cindex Dehmann, Kai
246@cindex Dumnicki, Marcin
247@cindex Endra@ss{}, Stephan
248@cindex Farran, Jose Ignacio
249@cindex Garcia-Marco, I.
250@cindex Gerdt, Vladimir
251@cindex Gimenez, Philippe
252@cindex Gorzel, Christian
253@cindex Grassmann, Hubert
254@cindex Hashemi, Amir
255@cindex Hernando, Fernando
256@cindex Heydtmann, Agnes
257@cindex Hillebrand, Dietmar
258@cindex Hirsch, Tobias
259@cindex Hochstetter, Markus
260@cindex Iena, Oleksandr
261@cindex Kauers, Manuel
262@cindex King, Simon
263@cindex Lakhal, Anen
264@cindex Lamm, Martin
265@cindex Laplagne, Santiago
266@cindex Lecerf, Gregoire
267@cindex Lobillo, Javier
268@cindex Mang, Christoph
269@cindex Markwig, Thomas
270@cindex Martin, Bernd
271@cindex Me@ss{}ollen, Michael
272@cindex Mindnich, Andrea
273@cindex Morales, Jorge Martin
274@cindex N@"u@ss{}ler, Thomas
275@cindex Povalyaeva, Tetyana
276@cindex Rabelo, Carlos
277@cindex Salazar-Gonzalez, J.-J.
278@cindex Sanchez-Navarro, Alfredo
279@cindex Saynisch, Ivor
280@cindex Schindelar, Kristina
281@cindex Spang, Silke
282@cindex Steidel, Stefan
283@cindex Strohmayer, Henrik
284@cindex Stussak, Christian
285@cindex Sulandra, Imade
286@cindex Suzuki, Akira
287@cindex Tobis, Enrique
288@cindex Theis, Christine
289@cindex Viazovska, Maryna
290@cindex Vigneron-Tenorio, Alberto
291@cindex Wenk, Moritz
292@cindex Yanovich, Denis
294We should like to acknowledge the financial support given by
295the Volkswagen-Stiftung, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
296and the Stiftung f@"ur Innovation des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz
297to the @sc{Singular} project.
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