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1I used ispell from cygwin, since /usr/bin/ispell on monty
2does not support HTML file type.
3The main dictionary is 2-0/doc/singular.dic.
4First, make install in 2-0/doc, then go to the
5directory 2-0/doc/html and run it like this:
7ispell -p ../singular.dic -H -B -khtmlcheck  sing_82[0-9].htm
9-H option tells ispell interpret input as html,
10-khtmlcheck disables checkins spelling in ALT-flags (there's
11plenty of TeX code and it nerves)
12-B option tells that ispell should report run-together words
14In order to fill the dictionary with Singular commands,
15I started from the very end of the Manual and proceed
16in "10 files" portions. The libraries (in huge quantities!)
17are sitting also in the second part of the Manual.
19Best luck,
20Viktor Levandovskyy.
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