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1@comment -*-texinfo-*-
2@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
3@comment Unix
4@ifclear VERSION
5@include version.texi
6@end ifclear
8@majorheading NEWS in SINGULAR::PLURAL @value{VERSION}
10@ifclear singularmanual
11@macro nref{what}
13@end macro
14@end ifclear
16@ifset singularmanual
17@macro nref{what}
19@end macro
20@end ifset
22The current version @value{VERSION} is the second pre-release
23of the upcoming release series version 2-1. Therefore, some
24command names are still subject to change.
26Singular::Plural version 2-1 is generally much faster than any previous
27experimental version of Singular::Plural, due to a rewrite of major parts
28of the @sc{Singular} kernel (e.g., the kernel has a new memory manager
29and a new polynomial arithmetic) and due to new and better implemented algorithms (e.g., for two-sided Groebner bases and generally, for computations
30in factor algebras).
32Besides theses internal changes, Singular::Plural version 2-1 offers many new
33features and functionalities.
35@heading Efficiency Improvements
36The following table shows some timings which compare the efficiency of
37@sc{Singular}: Plural version 0-9-9 and @sc{Singular} version 2-1-2.
38All times are in seconds
39and were obtained on HP 160 workstation with 512 MB RAM running HP-UX 10.20.
41@multitable @columnfractions .50 .20 .20 .15
42@item @strong{Example} @tab @strong{0-9} @tab @strong{2-1} @tab @strong{Speedup}
43@c @item @uref{,,mora_1} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..3),ds @tab 82 @tab 9.4 @tab 8.7
45@item AnnFD-sl2-4 @tab 3.34       @tab 0.92    @tab 3.6
46@item TwoGB-g2-3  @tab 24577      @tab 165     @tab  149
47@item ucha4       @tab 12.9       @tab 8.5     @tab  1.5
48@item ucha2       @tab 44.3 hrs @tab 9 hrs @tab  4.9
49@end multitable
51@heading (Commutative) Factorizing algorithms revisited
52Starting with version 2-0-4, we use NTL (of Victor Shoup) for factoring
53univariate polynomials. The multivariate factoring code in libfac/factory
54does now also work over algebraic extension fields.
56@heading General Changes
57@table @asis
58@item @nref{Emacs user interface}
59the recommended interface for using @sc{Singular::Plural}
60@item @code{EPlural}
61new program for an out-of-the-box, pre-customized Emacs which runs
63@item @nref{The online help system}
64choose in which browser the on-line help is displayed;
65@*wildcard expansion of help topics
66@*new layout of html manual pages
67@item @nref{Source code debugger}
68interactive debugging of procedures written in the @sc{Singular}
71New WWW home-site of @sc{Plural}
72@end table
74@heading @sc{Singular::Plural} libraries
76@table @asis
77@item @nref{lieA_lib} Plural definitions of several series of enveloping algebras of simple Lie algebras
78@end table
81@heading Internal Changes
82@table @asis
83@item new data structures for monomials and polynomials
84Makes polynomial arithmetic significantly faster: Especially for block -
85or weighted orderings.
86Bucket representation of polynomials in std and NF;
87Ring change during std-related computations
88(resulting in more speed and less space consumption).
89@item new memory management
90Results is less memory usage, faster memory allocation/free, less
91fragmentation, much better locality of reference.
92@end table
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