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1@comment -*-texinfo-*-
2@comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.17 2000-07-27 13:53:00 obachman Exp $
3@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
4@comment Unix
5@ifclear VERSION
6@include version.texi
7@end ifclear
9@majorheading NEWS in SINGULAR @value{VERSION}
11@ifclear singularmanual
12@macro nref{what}
14@end macro
15@end ifclear
17@ifset singularmanual
18@macro nref{what}
20@end macro
21@end ifset
23The current version @value{VERSION} is an alpha-release of the upcoming
24new release version 2-0 (should be there in the fall of
252000). Items labeled with "TBC" in this news file are features which
26still have to be implemented and/or documented.
28Although there are no known bugs, it is to be
29expected that the current version @value{VERSION} is not as stable as
30the 1.2 version(s), since major changes were done to the @sc{Singular}
31kernel. Therefore, it is important to us, that users try out this new
34Furthermore, the current version is generally not yet as fast as version
351.2. But this is going to change dramatically in the upcoming release
38Thank you very much for your support!
41@heading General Changes
42@table @asis
43@item @strong{Windows distribution}
44created with Installshield, includes Cygwin, Singular, and (optionally)
45XEmacs, distributed as various self-extracting archives.
46@item @nref{Emacs user interface}
47the recommended interface for using @sc{Singular}
48@item @code{ESingular}
49new program for an out-of-the-box, pre-customized Emacs which runs
51@item @nref{The online help system}
52choose in which browser the on-line help is displayed;
53@*wildcard expansion of help topics
54@*new layout of html manual pages
55@item @nref{Source code debugger}
56interactive debugging of procedures written in the @sc{Singular}
58@item @nref{example}
59Provide on-line examples for all kernel and library commands.
60@item file/directory layout of distribution
63TBC: New WWW and FTP home-site of @sc{Singular}
64@end table
66@heading Extensions of the ring concept
68@table @asis
69@item new coefficient domains: arbitrary long real and complex numbers
70The current syntax is going to change slightly in the final version 2.0.
71@item no restriction on number of ring variables
72@item TBC: DegBound on exponent values
73@item TBC: parameters over real/complex
74@item TBC: declaration with "ring of ring".
76@end table
78@heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
80@table @asis
81@item @nref{ip_lib} procedures for computing toric ideals
82TODO: better docu, tests, proper incooperation
83@item @nref{toric_lib} procedures for Integer Programming using Groebner bases
84TODO: better docu, tests, proper incooperation
85@item @code{spectrum.lib} procedures for computing spectra
86TODO: docu, tests, proper incooperation
87@item @nref{Mregular_lib}  procedures for computing the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
88TODO: docu, tests
89@item @nref{mondromy_lib}
90procedures for computing the monodromy of a singularity
91@item @code{spectrum_lib}
92TBC: docu, examples, tests
93@item @nref{spcurve_lib}
94procedures for cm codimension 2 singularities
95@item @nref{triang_lib}
96procedures for solving triangular systems
97@item @nref{solve_lib}
98procedures for solving polynomial systems
99@item @nref{surf_lib}
100visualization of curves and surfaces with @code{surf}
101@end table
103@heading New @sc{Singular} functions
105@table @asis
106@item @code{convhull, simplex}
107TODO: docu, tests
108@item @nref{division}
109Extension of lift: @code{division(M,SM)} returns a list @code{[T,U,R]}
110with @code{SM*U+R=M*T}
111@item @nref{breakpoint}
112sets a debugger breakpoint
113@item @code{div}
114integer division omitting remainder
115@item @nref{ERROR}
116interrupts computation in current procedure and returns with error
117message to top-level
118@item @nref{fglmquot}
119calculate ideal quotions using FGLM-techniques
120@item @nref{leadmonom}
121returns the leading monomial of a polynomial or a vector as a polynomial
122or vector whose coefficient is one
123@item @nref{highcorner}
124returns the smallest monomial not contained in and ideal/module
125@item @nref{hres}
126calculate free resolution of homogenous ideal using Hilbert-driven
128@item @nref{minor}
129with an optional third argument minors modulo a standard basis will be computed
130@item @nref{mpresmat}
131calculate module representing the multipolynomial resultant matrix
132@item @nref{uressolve}
133compute all complex roots of a zerodimensional ideal
134@item @nref{vandermonde}
135solve Vandermonde linear system
136@end table
138@heading @sc{Singular} functions whose syntax/semantics has changed
139@table @asis
140@item @nref{coeffs}
141Extended possible syntax to
142@code{coeffs(ideal,ideal)} and @code{coeffs(module,module)} which is
143equivalent to @code{coeffs(ideal,ideal,p)} and
144@code{coeffs(module,module,p)} where @code{p} is a polynomial (i.e.,
145monomial) consisting of all ring variables.
146@item @nref{execute}
147parenthesis around argument of execute is now @strong{mandatory}.
148@item @nref{lift}
149new implementation (unified handling of isSB and not isSB case); new
150optional third argument (a matrix name), which, if given, stores the
151"matrix of units"
152@item @nref{bareiss}
153new implementation after Lie-Saunders, much faster
154@item @nref{example}
155run example for all kernel commands.
156@item @nref{fetch}
158@item @nref{print}
159Finer-grained control for formatted output.
160@item @code{pause}
161can be called with argument, must be called with parenthesis.
162@item TBC
163@end table
165@heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
166@table @asis
167@item @nref{ainvar_lib}
168renamed @code{invar.lib} to @code{ainvar.lib}
169@item @nref{deform_lib}
170renamed procedures @code{Y1, T2, T12} to @code{T_1, T_2, T_12}.
171@item @nref{poly_lib}
172new procedures numerator/denominator
173@end table
175@heading Changes of command-line options and system resources
176@table @asis
177@item @code{--browser}, @code{--allow-net}, @code{--emacs}, @code{--sdb}
178new command-line options
179@item @nref{system}
180values of command-line options can be inspected/set at run-time with
182@item @code{.singularrc}
183system administrators can put a "global" @code{.singularrc} file into
184the directories where @sc{Singular} libraries reside.
185@item @code{libreadline}
186if found, a shared version of the @code{readline} library is linked-in
187dynamically at run-time. If not found, @code{readline} is emulated.
188@end table
190@heading Internal Changes
191@table @asis
192@item new data structures for monomials and polynomials
193Makes polynomial arithmetic significantly faster. Especially for block -
194or weighted orderings. TBC: Faster polynomial arithmetic for orderings
195(like dp, or lp). TBC: Bucket representation of polynomials in std; TBC:
196DegBound during std computations.
197@item new memory management
198Results is less memory usage, faster memory allocation/free, less
199fragmentation, much better locality of reference.
200@end table
202@heading TBC
204@itemize @bullet
206@code{libreadline} for other architectures than ix86-libc5,
209@code{example} on examples from libraries
210@end itemize
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