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1@comment -*-texinfo-*-
2@comment $Id: NEWS.texi,v 1.35 2001-08-27 14:40:03 Singular Exp $
3@comment this file contains the News about Singular versions
4@comment Unix
5@ifclear VERSION
6@include version.texi
7@end ifclear
9@majorheading NEWS in SINGULAR @value{VERSION}
11@ifclear singularmanual
12@macro nref{what}
14@end macro
15@end ifclear
17@ifset singularmanual
18@macro nref{what}
20@end macro
21@end ifset
23The current version @value{VERSION} is an update to the new
24release series version 2-0.
26Singular version 2 is generally much faster than any previous
27version of Singular, due to a rewrite of major parts of the Singular
28kernel (e.g., the kernel has a new memory manager and a new polynomial
29arithmetic) and due to new and better implemented algorithms (e.g., for
30computing resolutions and determinants).
32Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 2 offers many new
33features and functionlities (which were partly already incorporated in
34the 1-3 series). E.g., a native Windows distribution, an Emacs user
35interface, a new help system, 16  new libraries, etc.
37All these changes are explained in more detail below.
39@heading Efficiency Improvements
40The following table shows some timings which compare the efficincy of
41Singular version 1-2-3 and Singular version 2. All times are in seconds
42and were obtained on an AMD Athlon with 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, running
45@multitable @columnfractions .15 .15 .25 .15 .15 .15
46@item @strong{Example} @tab @strong{Comp} @tab @strong{Ring} @tab @strong{1-2} @tab @strong{2-0} @tab @strong{Speedup}
47@item @uref{,,mora_1} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..3),ds @tab 82 @tab 9.4 @tab 8.7
48@item @uref{,,mora_9} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..14),ds @tab 9600 @tab 96 @tab 100
49@item @uref{,,homog_gonnet} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..18),dp @tab 33 @tab 8.9 @tab 4.5
50@item @uref{,,homog_cyclic_8} @tab std  @tab 32003,x(1..9),dp @tab 1873 @tab 472 @tab 4.0
51@item  @uref{,,cyclic_8} @tab std @tab 32003,x(1..8),dp @tab >47800 @tab 478 @tab >100
52@end multitable
55@heading General Changes
56@table @asis
57@item @strong{Windows distribution}
58created with Installshield, includes Cygwin, Singular, and (optionally)
59XEmacs, distributed as several self-extracting archives. Contains @sc{Singular} help
60in a Windows Help format (the file @code{Manual.hlp}).
61@item @nref{Emacs user interface}
62the recommended interface for using @sc{Singular}
63@item @code{ESingular}
64new program for an out-of-the-box, pre-customized Emacs which runs
66@item @nref{The online help system}
67choose in which browser the on-line help is displayed;
68@*wildcard expansion of help topics
69@*new layout of html manual pages
70@item @nref{Source code debugger}
71interactive debugging of procedures written in the @sc{Singular}
73@item @nref{example}
74Provide on-line examples for all kernel and library commands.
75@item file/directory layout of distribution
78New WWW home-site of @sc{Singular}
79@item RPM versions of Singular
80including integration into KDE
81@end table
83@heading Extensions of the ring concept
85@table @asis
86@item new coefficient domains: arbitrary long real and complex numbers
87@item no restriction on number of ring variables
88@item no restriction on number of parameters
89@c @item TBC: DegBound on exponent values
90@c @item TBC: parameters over real/complex
91@c @item TBC: declaration with "ring of ring".
92@end table
94@heading New @sc{Singular} libraries
96Reorganisation of libraries into "Categories".
97@table @asis
98@item @nref{intprog_lib} procedures for computing toric ideals
99@item @nref{toric_lib} procedures for Integer Programming using Groebner bases
100@item @nref{spectrum_lib} procedures for computing spectra
101@item @nref{mregular_lib}  procedures for computing the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
102@c @item @nref{mprimdec}
103@c procedures for primary decomposition of modules
104@item @nref{mondromy_lib}
105procedures for computing the monodromy of a singularity
106@item @nref{gaussman_lib}
107procedures for the Gauss-Manin connection of a singularity
108@item @nref{spcurve_lib}
109procedures for CM codimension 2 singularities
110@item @nref{triang_lib}
111procedures for decomposing zero-dimensional ideals
112@item @nref{solve_lib}
113procedures for solving polynomial systems
114@item @nref{surf_lib}
115visualization of curves and surfaces with @code{surf}
116@item @nref{reesclos_lib}
117Rees Algebra and integral closure of an ideal
118@item @nref{brnoeth_lib}
119Brill-Noether algorithm, Weierstrass semigroups and AG codes
120@item @nref{stratify_lib}
121Algorithmic stratification by the Greuel-Pfister algorithm
122@item @nref{paramet_lib}
123parametrization of curves
124@item @nref{rinvar_lib}
125Invariant rings of reductive groups
126@item @nref{zeroset_lib}
127Procedures for roots and factorization
128@item @nref{qhmoduli_lib}
129Moduli spaces of sqh-singularities
130@end table
132@heading Changes in @sc{Singular} libraries
133Many procedures were moved into different libraries,
134the documentation of libraries was generally improved and
135some libraries renamed:
136@table @asis
137@item @nref{ainvar_lib}
138renamed @code{invar.lib} to @code{ainvar.lib}
139(see also @code{rinvar.lib}, @code{finvar.lib}).
140@item @nref{deform_lib}
141renamed procedures @code{T1, T2, T12} to @code{T_1, T_2, T_12}.
142@item @nref{poly_lib}
143new procedures numerator/denominator
144@item @nref{linalg_lib}
145included @code{jordan.lib} in @code{linalg.lib}
146@end table
148@heading New @sc{Singular} functions
150@table @asis
151@item @code{convhull, simplex}
152TODO: docu, tests
153@item @nref{division}
154Extension of lift: @code{division(M,SM)} returns a list @code{[T,U,R]}
155with @code{SM*U+R=M*T}
156@item @nref{breakpoint}
157sets a debugger breakpoint
158@item @code{div}
159integer division omitting remainder
160@item @nref{ERROR}
161interrupts computation in current procedure and returns with error
162message to top-level
163@item @nref{fglmquot}
164calculate ideal quotions using FGLM-techniques
165@item @nref{leadmonom}
166returns the leading monomial of a polynomial or a vector as a polynomial
167or vector whose coefficient is one
168@item @nref{highcorner}
169returns the smallest monomial not contained in and ideal/module
170@item @nref{hres}
171calculate free resolution of homogenous ideal using Hilbert-driven
173@item @nref{minor}
174with an optional third argument minors modulo a standard basis will be computed
175@item @nref{mpresmat}
176calculate module representing the multipolynomial resultant matrix
177@item @nref{uressolve}
178compute all complex roots of a zerodimensional ideal
179@item @nref{vandermonde}
180solve Vandermonde linear system
181@item @nref{jet}
182extended for series expansions of rational expressions
183@item @nref{reduce}
184extended for reduced normal form of rational expressions
185@end table
187@heading @sc{Singular} functions whose syntax/semantics has changed
188@table @asis
189@item @nref{division}
190arguments swapped w.r.t. version 2-0-1 and before
191@item @nref{coeffs}
192Extended possible syntax to
193@code{coeffs(ideal,ideal)} and @code{coeffs(module,module)} which is
194equivalent to @code{coeffs(ideal,ideal,p)} and
195@code{coeffs(module,module,p)} where @code{p} is a polynomial (i.e.,
196monomial) consisting of all ring variables.
197@item @nref{execute}
198parenthesis around argument of execute is now @strong{mandatory}.
199@item @nref{lift}
200new implementation (unified handling of isSB and not isSB case); new
201optional third argument (a matrix name), which, if given, stores the
202"matrix of units"
203@item @nref{bareiss}
204new implementation after Lie-Saunders, much faster
205@item @nref{example}
206run example for all kernel commands.
207@c @item @nref{fetch}
208@item @nref{print}
209Finer-grained control for formatted output.
210@item @nref{pause}
211can be called with argument, must be called with parenthesis.
212@item @nref{option}
213new options: @code{oldStd}, @code{redThrough}, @code{notBuckets}
214@end table
216@heading Changes of command-line options and system resources
217@table @asis
218@item @code{--browser}, @code{--allow-net}, @code{--emacs}, @code{--sdb}
219new command-line options
220@ifset singularmanual
221(@pxref{Command line options})
222@end ifset
224@item @nref{system}
225values of command-line options can be inspected/set at run-time with
227@item @code{.singularrc}
228system administrators can put a "global" @code{.singularrc} file into
229the directories where @sc{Singular} libraries reside
230@ifset singularmanual
231(@pxref{Startup sequence})
232@end ifset
234@item @code{libreadline}
235if found, a shared version of the @code{readline} library is linked-in
236dynamically at run-time. If not found, @code{readline} is emulated.
237@end table
239@heading Internal Changes
240@table @asis
241@item new data structures for monomials and polynomials
242Makes polynomial arithmetic significantly faster: Especially for block -
243or weighted orderings.
244Bucket representation of polynomials in std;
245Ring change during std, res and bareiss computations
246(resulting in more speed and less space consumption).
247@item new memory management
248Results is less memory usage, faster memory allocation/free, less
249fragmentation, much better locality of reference.
250@item factorization
251revisited, missing cases implemented
252@end table
254@heading Porting
256@itemize @bullet
258@code{libreadline} works only with ix86-libc5,
260@item Singular is available for ix86-libc5, ix86-libc6, HPUX_9, HPUX_10,
261SunOS-4, SunOS-5, IRIX-6, ix86-Win (runs on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000),
262FreeBSD 4.2, MacOS X
263@end itemize
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