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[33a3fda]1// Example of a user accessible procedure
2proc tab (int n)
[45d2830]3"USAGE:    tab(n);  n integer
[33a3fda]4RETURNS:  string of n space tabs
[8f2bf7d]5EXAMPLE:  example tab; shows an example"
[33a3fda]6{ return(internal_tab(n)); }
9  "EXAMPLE:"; echo=2;
[39aaa1a]10  for(int n=0; n<=4; n=n+1)
11  { tab(4-n)+"*"+tab(n)+"+"+tab(n)+"*"; }
[33a3fda]14// Example of a static procedure
[8f2bf7d]15static proc internal_tab (int n)
[33a3fda]16{ return(" "[1,n]); }
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