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**/*: rename singular.hlp to The help file presently named "singular.hlp" is intended to be read with GNU Info, which looks for an extension of ".info" by default. Thus, at the moment, one must run "info singular.hlp" to read the installed file, whereas "info singular" is more natural. This commit replaces "singular.hlp" with "" throughout the source tree so that the file ultimately has the name that GNU Info or Emacs expect. Closes:
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3# assume texi2dvi, perl in path
4# cwd=doc
6cp examples.doc examples.tex
7cp general.doc general.tex
8cp math.doc math.tex
9cp pdata.doc pdata.tex
10cp platform.doc platform.tex
11cp pluconventions.doc pluconventions.tex
12cp plumath.doc plumath.tex
13cp pluplatform.doc pluplatform.tex
14cp plural.doc plural.tex
15cp pluralmain.doc pluralmain.tex
16cp plureference.doc plureference.tex
17cp plutypes.doc plutypes.tex
18cp reference.doc reference.tex
19cp start.doc start.tex
20cp ti_ip.doc ti_ip.tex
21cp tricks.doc tricks.tex
22cp types.doc types.tex
23cp decodegb.doc decodegb.tex
24for i in pluplatform.tex plural.tex plumath.tex plureference.tex plutypes.tex pluconventions.tex
26  sed 's/@value{PSUFFIX}/(plural)/g' <$i >s-$i
28sed -e 's/@include plu/@include s-plu/' -e 's/@value{PSUFFIX}/(plural)/g' < plural.tex >s-plural.tex
29# DVI: --------------------------------------------
30texi2dvi singular.doc
31# INFO: -------------------------------------------
32makeinfo --force --no-split singular.doc
33# HTML: -------------------------------------------
34/bin/rm -rf tmp
35mkdir tmp
36perl ./texi2html -init_file t2h_singular.init \
37  -l2h -short_ext -l2h_tmp tmp -subdir html -prefix simple \
38  -top_file index.htm  singular.doc
40echo "created: (info), singular.dvi, html/index.htm"
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