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1\input texinfo    @c -*-texinfo-*-
2@comment $Id: tutor.tex,v 1.3 1998-07-09 07:39:12 Singular Exp $
3@c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
4@comment %**start of header
5@c -----------------------
6@setfilename tutor.hlp
7@settitle Singular Tutorial
11@end iftex
12@comment %**end of header
13@c ------------------------
14@set VERSION 1.2
15@c ------------------------
17this is the texinfo file with the Singular Tutorial (version @value{VERSION})
18@end ifinfo
21@sp 2
22@center @titlefont{Singular}
23@sp 2
24@center A Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations
25@sp 5
26@center @titlefont{Tutorial}
27@center Version @value{VERSION}
28@sp 2
29@center Singular is created and its development is directed and coordinated by
30@center G.-M. Greuel, G. Pfister and H.Schoenemann
31@sp 2
32@center with contributions by
33@center O. Bachmann, W. Decker, C. Gorzel, H. Grassmann, A. Heydtmann, K. Krueger, M. Lamm,
34@center B. Martin, M. Messollen, W. Neumann, T. Nuessler, W. Pohl, T. Siebert, R. Stobbe, T. Wichmann
35@sp 2
36@author Fachbereich Mathematik
37@author und
38@author Zentrum fuer Computeralgebra
39@author Universitaet Kaiserslautern
40@author D-67653 Kaiserslautern
41@end titlepage
42@c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
43@node    Top, ,    (dir),    (dir)
45q: quit help, m: menu item, n: next node, p: previous node, u: up
46@sp 1
47@center Singular Tutorial
48@center Version @value{VERSION}
49@center A Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations
50@sp 2
51@center University of Kaiserslautern
52@center Department of Mathematics and Centre for Computer algebra
53@end ifinfo
55* Preface
56* Introduction::
57* Examples::
58* Index::
59@end menu
60@c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
61@node Preface, Introduction, (dir),  (dir)
62@chapter Preface
63@cindex Preface
65@include copyright.tex
66@c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
67@node Introduction, Examples, Preface, Top
68@chapter Introduction
69@cindex Introduction
71@include start.tex
72@c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
73@node Examples,Index,Introduction, Top
74@chapter Examples
75@cindex Examples
77@include examples.tex
78@c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
79@node Index,,Examples,Top
80@chapter Index
81@printindex cp
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